Bathrooms Getting Redone

There’s work going on in our building for the past week and 4 days. The plumbing in the building is being replaced and hence all the bathrooms in each apartment (it’s all 3 bedroom, 2 bath models) will be broken up tile & tile and then they remove the sinks, shower heads and toilets and redo the plumbing pipes and then the bathrooms will be retiled and reset with the bathroom fittings. The only bright side to this is that I get to have new tiles in my bathroom (non-attached) and get them ugly all white tiles, or railway station bathroom tiles as I call  them, replaced with something with colour. Their doing the non-attached bathrooms in each floor first and then the will go with the attached bathrooms in sequence. The bathroom in my folks’ bedroom is a nice colour but I might even go with black. I like it done simple and I would like an all black tiles with black sink and black toilet in it.

The downside is ofcourse the not being able to use my own bathroom and hence we have 3 of us using my parent’s bathroom. Which is ok since they both get up early and have their baths and toilet duties done right away as a usual routine as my schedule is not really affected but I just don’t like having to share the bathroom, tiny little places that we have here. Shower, buckets, toilet & sink take up all the cramped up space and we have to balance all the tooth brushes, tooth pastes, two shaving sets, shaving cream etc etc on the one sink stand. It’s gonna take a while before they are done with my bathroom and once that is done they will start on the attached bathroom and so it’s gonna be a good month more before things are back to normal.

I’m gonna have to go and stay in a relative place for a day or two soon as the workers say that the dust is gonna be intolerable as they also have some work on the walls to do and since I have asthma I won’t be able to be near it. So for a day and a half probably is what I will have to be away from home. We haven’t fixed the plan as of yet but I guess it will have to be done soon.

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