Battlestar Galactica Final Season

Battlestar Galactica season 4 will start airing today (not in India), resuming the cult series for the final time. The series is poised for a climatic conclusion, with Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace, returning from what was presumed to be death, showing up in her viper and stating to have been to Earth and that she will lead the fleet to her. What will progress, I can only guess.

download electric apricot I haven’t yet been able to watch this show on tv here. I have seen quite a few episodes online on Veoh but Zee English is not one of the channels that I get with my stupid cable operator, hence I don’t get to see BSG. And they have deleted the episodes on Veoh due to copyright issues (I think).

I have asked around for getting the series on dvd and a couple have assured me that they will get atleast the 1st two seasons for me within the month. Then I will be able to follow the entire series, although I do know what has been happening all along (thanks to the internet).

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  1. dude i have downloaded the miniseries that began the new series and finished downloading the entire first season in dvd quality in divx format.will begin downloading season 2 from today….you can get the latest episodes on release HDTV rips the same day they show it on US…

  2. Season 4.0 just got over a week or 2 go – the ending was shocking (I wont spoil it for you !!) Season 4.5 comes out next year (2009) and that will be the last one ! About 11-12 episodes more in that season !

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