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Ok I finally downloaded and saw the entire over three hours mini-series of Battlestar Galactica : the new re-imagined series. Deviating somewhat from the classic original 1978 movie, BSG features some new characters and changes the sex of a couple of the original ones. The special effects are fantastic and the entire thing is worth watching several times, so – ok, I admit it! This thing could be one of the best things on tv. However I do have my gripes with the series. First of all, I think the new cylons who look & act human are good but I can’t stand the fact that they have multiple cyclons that look similar (played by the same actor). That is so annoying and old. And cylons as babes – not sure that I like it.

I don’t think that I like James Edward Olmos as Commander Adama – he is no Lorne Green and pales in comparison. President Roslin, played by Mary McDonnell is welcome as is the character of Chief Galen Tyrol played by Aaron Douglas. I like the fact (upon reading on the net) that Tahmoh Penikett who plays Karl “Helo” Agathon is a returning character, since it is not sure as to what happens to him, after he sacrifices his spot in the spaceship so that Baltar can be rescued. The best character I liked was of Colonel Tigh played by Michael Hogan. In 1978, African-American actor Terry Carter played him as a by the book, respected & reliable second-in-command, while Hogan plays him flawed as an alcoholic and not well liked amongst the crew, especially by Starbuck.

And the whole show seems too Earth like – jogging, tv cameras, mikes, etc etc! And Kara Thrace can never in a billion years be a proper Starbuck – the loveable rogue who seduced women left, right & center, who was afraid of commitment and loved to gamble and played by the actor Dirk Benedict. Thrace is a chick and she can’t hold a candle to Dirk. Plus she comes off too, well, American in this show about characters who are supposed to know nothing about America! Her mannerisms and language is so American. I felt that the original series captured the aspect of human but not of Earth much better than their current counterparts. And Boomer is a girl! I am sure that they are gonna have a sexual liason between Starbuck & Apollo, who is nothing like the 1978 Apollo (he is resentful of his father about Zack’s death). Imagine Richard Hatch & Dirk Benedict kissing or having sex. Yuck!

Still, it is a good show and entertaining and I will be a regular watcher of the series when it comes on tv here or by just downloading episodes by

There are those who believe that life here, began out there

5 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Miniseries”

  1. I do like it Chris, but it is still a little disturbing. I have the sinking suspicion that I am only watching it because of the name Battlestar Galactica and due to Michael Hogan’s performances.

  2. One of the things I like about it is how frail and human the characters actually are once you’re a couple of seasons in. Makes it a bit more real .

  3. Yeah exactly – human as in of Earth while they are supposed to be our very distant & highly advanced cousins! It is so 9/11 and the cylons being arab fundamentalists who can also walk among “us” and stuff.

  4. I’m not saying that I hate it, but it is not an improvement on the original 1978 series – except for a few aspects mainly technical.

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