Beaches, Mountains & Forests On This Earth

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

I’m not really a beach person per say. I mean I love the beach and every beach I have been to has had a calming and happy effect on me. I love to sit for hours at the beach watching the waves crash on the shore and feel the salty breeze on my face. I’m not a swimmer and I have the furthest thing for a beach bod and hence I do not go in my trunks displaying my abs (lol at that) or my muscles. But I do like the seas and the oceans.

I would love live in the mountains or at the base of a mountain and have the beautiful snow capped mountain ranges as a view from my balcony, windows and front porch. I’d love to live high on up and look down at the plains and valleys below. Fresh mountain air is exhilarating and freeing and makes you feel alive like very little else can. It can also make you feel literally & figuratively on top of the world.

I’m not a forest guy and hence would not like living in or near one. All those dangerous creatures and bugs. Plus it wll be hot and sweating and I already live in a tropical place and have had enough of that. I do love animals and looking at them and the birds but wouldn’t want to wake up with a poisonous snake on my chest and a giant tarantula in my pants about to bite my manland area. And a lioness in the toilet! LoL, no I would rather look at them from a safe distance or behind protection.

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