Beautiful Abodes: Making Your Home Market-Ready

With many people making home buying decisions based on what they see on the web, it is more important now than ever to make sure your house looks the part.  People will be drawn to your house based on what they see online. If you feel like it lacks style, take a look a how you can glam up your house and give it some appeal.

Since most people will look online before deciding to see your house it is important for real estate agents to have a user friendly website set up to direct potential buyers to exactly where they need to go.  Real estate agents should check this out to see if their page has an ideal landing page to help sell your house.

Ready to put the house up for sale?  Here are some things to consider (in addition to more tips here) before it hits the web.

Curb Appeal

This seems like such an obvious statement, but how your house looks out front will make or break it.  People driving by that see that “For Sale” sign out, but see an unkept front of the house, will keep on driving.  Just like people need to make a good first impression, your house needs to do the same. Take care of small things like mowing the lawn, repainting chipped paint areas, edge along the sidewalk and driveway, and make sure your shrubs and flowers look nice.

That will get people up to the front door.  Now lets make sure the inside keeps them there.

Clutter Free is a Home for Me

Clean up the house and make it look spacious.  This is extremely important for people looking online. If all your pictures are loaded with furniture and other fixtures in the room, it will make it look small.  People need to see that your house is livable and they should be able to visualize themselves living in it.

Consider Repainting

If you have a lot of colors throughout the house, people may not feel like having to paint the inside of the house if the colors don’t suit their taste.  If you decide to repaint, use neutral colors that people can easily paint over to keep their focus on the room as a whole.

Freshen Up the Place

It goes without saying that your house should be clean and sparkling as potential buyers enter.  But, you may also want to consider purchasing some fresh flowers and plants. It will add life to your house and the smell will be something that will last with them throughout their tour.  It may just be the little things that sell.

Brighten Up the Windows

In addition to cleaning the windows, you will want to make sure the windows are not covered with drapes and curtains.  This will ensure that you are maximizing the natural light that is beaming from outside. Not having the windows covered will also make the room look larger, which will attract buyers.

Pay Attention to the Small Details

These are just a couple of quick, small things that you can do to make your house sparkle online and in person. But, don’t forget about small details that could be overlooked. Check for broken shutters, loose doornobs, dust in hard to reach places, and other possible things that could catch someone’s eye.  Have a friend walk through the house before pictures are taken for the Internet and see if they notice anything. Every little detail will help in getting your house sold!

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