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Ok, the first type of beer we touched on is India Pale Ale. I realize that I should have done Pale Ale’s first before branching out with the sub-genres of Pale Ales. Resulting from an innovation in brewing technology, pale ale was created by brewers in Burton-on-Trent in England were looking for a way to produce a more consistent and paler beer. They found that coke, a processed form of coal that burns hot and steady, gave them the desired effect – a clear, amber or copper colored ale, which was far paler than any British ales till then.

Pale malt is used to make pale ale. The traditional British pale ale style, which includes bitter and ESB, is a very pleasant and understated beer. It has a malty profile and just enough woody or lightly floral hops for balancing. British pale ales tend to be maltier in flavor and less hoppy so they can be enjoyed with a wider variety of foods including spicy dishes from India and Asia. They are also good with the blander dishes of the UK. Pale ales brewed outside of England, especially those from America, tend to be hoppier with less malt flavor so they go best with simpler dishes such as grilled meat.

The beer featured is one of the recommended Pale ales by a lot of beer experts – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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