Before The Internet

You can also read that as before I got a connection at home, what did I do?

Well music has always been a huge passion in my life. I’ve always spent a huge portion of my free time listening to music. Until about 2004, it was mostly cassette tapes that I listened to. I started buying cds around the year 2004 and slowly built a good collection. On the weekends, I would wake up late, watch some tv and if nothing interesting was on for the day, I would retreat to my room and lie on my bed, reading novels and playing from my vast collection of hard rock, blues & metal albums. To cool off on a hot day I would get some watermelon or pineapple and cut it up and make an icy fruit juice in the mixer.

Carrying a huge beer stein filled to the brim with ice and the juice of my choice, I would get a straw and set the stein on a bedside table and sip the juice from the straw as both my hands would be used for holding the book that I would be reading. All the while songs from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Poison, Guns n’Roses, Metallica or any one of my fav bands would be blasting on my stereo system. I loved chilling out in this fashion.

Evenings would be watching football on cable tv. Man did I watch a lot of matches back then. I would also watch a lot of tv series and movies. WWE Wrestling ofcourse – RAW & Smackdown were two of my favourite tv shows and I enjoyed the storylines a lot. It was around 2007 that I stopped watching it on a regular basis and now just watch a clip here or there. If there is a particular match or interesting incident that I must see, then I watch it on Youtube nowadays.

2 thoughts on “Before The Internet

  1. I do. I do miss those times a bit too. But I also just wish that we had broadband from when I was a teenager.

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