Birthday Celebratory Lunch

Wanting to just go out and have some fun I met my cousin Sujith at a coffeeshop at around 11:45 for some coffee and we decided that we would go to Golden dragon for some birthday celebratory lunch. While we downed a couple of vodkas we had the following:

Crispy pork in oyster sauce

Shredded crispy beef

Main course was:

Dragon chicken, dragon prawns & Thai fried rice for me. He had Ribbon garlic noodles with the dragon chicken & prawns.

After 3 hours sitting at the restaurant we then headed to have some ice cream sundaes. Mine was Black forest and he had the Rocky road!

One thought on “Birthday Celebratory Lunch

  1. Hoped you enjoyed your B’day lunch. Looks like nice stuff..
    well birthdays have never held any significance for a long time, felt like a big sham!…
    On the other hand age is all in the mind to some extent…
    Hope the next 365 days go well for you …!!

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