Bishop Adopts A 26 Year Old Woman

Ok, I know that priests are actually just horny men in robes, this is taking it too far.

A Catholic bishop in Kerala has sparked off a controversy and embarrassed the Church by adopting a 26-year-old woman. Following complaints from priests, the Latin Catholic Church has initiated a multi-level probe into the adoption by John Thattunkal, 58, the Bishop of Cochin. Sources say the bishop adopted the woman with the consent of her non-Catholic Christian family, hailing from Pathanamthitta in central Kerala.

Now why would a 26 year old woman need to be adopted? Especially when she already has a family? And why would said bishop need a brand new 26 year old daughter?

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Thattunkal met the woman during a pilgrimage abroad and was impressed by her “spirituality and divine experience.” “I have only fatherly love towards the woman who has spiritual powers. This relation is giving me spiritual refreshment,” Thattunkal was quoted by Mathrubhoomi, a Malayalam newspaper, as saying.

“Spirituality and diving experience” indeed. Too bad he hadn’t met Mother Theresa earlier! Hey horny bisop, why don’t you adopt a few godmen instead? You belong together! And “fatherly love” my ass! Just like I’d have “fatherly love” to a Playboy Playmate of the year!

When The Indian Express tried to reach him on Tuesday, the bishop was not available for comments. “He has been in meditation the whole day,” said Fr Thambi Antony, diocese public relations officer. Antony declined to comment on the controversy as the issue is being looked into by the Church authorities.

After the adoption, the woman stayed in a guest house within the Bishop House compound in Fort Kochi. After this became an issue among a section of priests in the Cochin diocese, she left the guest house. And it seems that her father stayed there too!

Me thinks her father needs to be taken aside and beaten up with a cricket bat!

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