Black & White & Delicious

I am not the biggest cake fan in the world. I rarely have a craving for a slice or two but at times they taste so good. Birthdays are one thing but I can’t remember me going to a cafe or restaurant and choosing a nice slice as my desert as my first choice.

However I do have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate in all forms including in cakes. So even if cake is not high up on my list, I do enjoy the occasional indulgence. I remember last year while out on a date at an hotel’s plush lounge bar, I asked my date if she wanted ice cream and she did. The hotel didn’t have any for some reason but they recommended their cake slices. And what we had were vancho cake slices, which were really good.

Vancho is basically a cake which has mix of vanilla, white & black chocolate according this recipe I just read online. And this makes for a favourite desert for most people. Today was my mom’s birthday and along with a light dinner, I ordered 3 slices of vancho cake for her, my dad and me. And they were really good. Vancho, you are now one of my favourite things to eat.

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