I’ve Got A BlackBerry Curve 8320

I finally got one – I bought a Blackberry Curve 8320 smartphone today. What a great way to start the new year!

I went out to Penta Menaka today with the sole intention of finally buying the Curve. I had saved money for the past two months to ensure that I wouldn’t be a pauper once I paid the cost of the BB. I finally checked and rechecked to see if they had lowered the price, was there any stock etc. Vodafone didn’t have any at the moment so I went for an unlocked model, which any sim can be used. So off I went to Penta Menaka, after stopping at ICICI’s atm to get the cash. I went to the store that had confirmed via phone that they had the model I wanted – but when I got there, they were all out. It seems that they had got confused with the 8520 model.

I checked in a couple of more places until one guy finally told me that yes he had 3 8320 models remaining and I took out my wallet and paid the dude. I inserted my sim, did the setup and made my way to Coffee Beanz, so I could admire my phone and complete the installation while I sipped on a cold one. I got everything up and ready, took a couple of photos (like the one you see here in the blog post) and downloaded a few wallpapers and installed one.

Glad to be part of the Blackberry family. Too bad I don’t have a camera to take a pic of the actual phone. I will try that with someone else’s phone

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