BlackBerry Is Net Connected And Online

Yeah! My Blackberry Internet services are online – although they did take their own sweet time to get it done. I applied for the activation on the 2nd of Dec (last Saturday) but the offices were open only by Monday (4th). I kept checking with them for the past 4 days and today by evening it was activated and as I watched, the applications kept getting added to my Blackberry menu. First things first I needed to check and see if the browser would work – and lo and behold! I got google!

Then it was onto the emails – I wasted no time in setting up my gmail account and my office email. I setup Windows Live Messenger. Then it was onto TwitterBerry – which is now known as OpenBeak! Why the change in name – I have no clue!

I checked out to see if I could get Youtube vidoes to play and I must say that it was quick and I was impressed. I installed BlackBerry App World, and upgraded to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger.  And now finally, just a few minutes ago, I downloaded and installed Gtalk. I’m happiest about that application the most.

4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Is Net Connected And Online

  1. If you can afford the BB Bold that would be great (28-30K). Vodafone, BSNL & Airtel carry it or you can get an unlocked one from Penta Menaka. If not, then the Curve will do fine.

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