Blast From Television’s Past

Torrent has opened up lots of viewing options & avenues for me. I’ve been downloading a few older series like Andromeda & Stargate SG1 early seasons. A few weeks ago I had completed the download of the original Battlestar Galactica and Galatica 1980 series both a big part of my childhood. Also the original V – miniseries, second mini series and the canceled 1st season. That one too brings back a lot of memories of growing up. Along with Star Trek : TOS these tv series represent a part of my childhood as well as for many others I’m sure. Watching them again and saving them for further viewing bring me back some of those  happy moments as a kid and innocence that we had during those wonderful years.

I was chatting with my sis the other day and we were discussing some of the old tv series that we used to enjoy as kids (she’s 40 and I’m 34, so we are talking 80s & early 90s). Gimme A Break, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Full House..etc were all discussed. What are the shows that you are most nostalgic about?

Here’s the opening credits of V the series.

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