Blog Accessing Blues

This morning (well morning in India) I was alerted to problems while trying to access my blog by the lovely Meleah. She was trying to click onto my blog from the blogroll that she has in her website. However it would show my blog for a brief moment and then immediately get re-directed to iGoogle! That is frustrating to say the least.

I do not know if anyone else was facing the same issue. I wasn’t but everytime I refreshed my page, I would get an alert from my anti-virus software, Avira, that there was a malware showing in my website and I called up my cousin who works for the same company that I bought the web space from. Turns out that there was one such malware hidden away in a folder in my account in the webserver where my blog is stored. Back in 2007 I had downloaded and installed a photo gallery software called Coppermine. I ended up not using it & forgetting all about it about a month later. The malware was in this same folder but I have no idea as to how it came to be targeted. I deleted the folder & contents on his advice and it seemed to do the trick.

But the problem resurfaced a few minutes again. Meleah still wasn’t able to access my blog and so my cousin went to check it up again. Perhaps the passwords were compromised and he advised me to change my passwords to the blog and to the wordpress account. I did that this afternoon and we have not faced the problem since. Meleah seems to be able to access my blog without hassles in the evening and managed to comment on a couple of posts. I hope this is the end of this issue.

But the sweetness & thoughtfulness of this awesome woman – she actually made a little video showing me what was happening when she was trying to access the blog. I was so touched that she took the time to do that. Here it is in full glory.

4 thoughts on “Blog Accessing Blues

  1. Aw. You’re welcome. It was driving me crazy that I could not get into your blog! Especially since you’re on my daily reads! I figured the best way to explain what was happening was to SHOW you! I’m glad it’s all fixed now, and that I am NOT getting redirected back to iGoogle anymore!

  2. Meleah, I think you have a GREAT speaking voice. And dare I say it, it is a little bit sexy too…..

    That malware can sneak up on us. Glad you fixed the problem, Roshan!

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