Blood Creek

Blood Creek is a 2009 horror / occult action film from director Joel Schumacher starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic Purcell & Henry Cavill. This is another one of the films, like Devil’s Rock, that references the experiments in the occult that the Nazis pursued to help them in their quest for world dominance. I find this phenomenon very fascinating and though it has been a popular topic since 1959, I’ve only known about this for 5 or 6 years.

Anyways as the movie starts the Wollners, a German family living in rural West Virginia, are contacted by a Nazi German emissary and asked to host a Professor Richard Wirth. Needing the money and under the impression that Prof Wirth is a scholar in pursuit of educational ventures, the family accepts. However the professor is less interested in science and more involved with the occult. Years ago, the family found a Viking runestone on their property and built a stable on top of it and Wirth wants to use the powers & energies from it to do evil and aid the Fuhrer’s war efforts. At night he goes into the stable  and starts to channel the powers by reading off the inscriptions. The family interrupts him before he can complete the rituals and horrified by what he is doing, they trap him in the cellar and use blood markings to keep him from escaping.

This unfortunately also means that they need to capture and sacrifice people and use them as a source for blood. Due to the rune rituals the family doesn’t age and even in 2007 they are all the same age as they were back in 1936, stuck in a life without escape or an end. However one of their victims, Victor Marshall (Purcell), who was captured while he was fishing, escapes his binds and makes his way back to his town. After many weeks his younger brother Evan (Cavill) is shocked to find his brother back at their old cabin, smelling like shit and with a long beard & hair. Victor tells Evan to ask no questions and to load up their rifles, pack up their boat and return to fight the evil. As Evan does this, Victor takes a shower and shaved off his beard & hair.

The brothers go to the farm and confront the Wollners who finally tell Victor & Evan about Wirth and the dangerous powers he possess. Initially the brothers don’t believe them until a deformed Wirth gets out and starts his terror. As for powers, he’s got:

  • He can reanimate the dead (humans and animals) and make them attack people for him
  • He’s got killer nails to slash & kill you
  • He can transform and develop a 3rd eye of DOOM!

However to control him his flaws are:

  • He can’t enter a house with blood rune markings
  • He can’t fight you if your wearing the bones of his ancestors
  • He can’t drink his own blood, it will poison him

After a lot of fighting, killing & stuff the brother manage to poison Wirth with his own blood and decapitate him. As a result the Wollners are released from their curse & suffering and rapidly age and die. However before the girl dies she tells Evan that that 8 more such Nazi agents were sent to different farms in the state. Evan finds a map that was under the farm and discovers that others like Wirth are at other farms. While Victor returns home to his family, Evan heads out to the other farms to stop the Nazis.

Interesting and a change from usual occult led monster horror movies but in no ways a classic. I’d just give it a 7 outta 10!

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