Blueslisted – JW Jones

From the Canadian capital of Ottawa, comes JW Jones, a blues singer & guitarist of a more traditional Chicago blues sound. In the last decade, he has released five albums and played in 13 countries, 4 continents, over 200 cities and over 800 club and festival appearances. He plays with a no frills all feel approach to his guitar playing.

Alright, let the music hit me! A cool sounding Double Eyed Whammy comes rushing through your speakers. It’s a fun sounding tune about a terrific woman that the singer wants to make his own. Looking The World Straight In The Eye is a combination of funk & RnB with maturity showing in the vocals and great guitar playing. Can’t instant laons Play A Playboy reminds me of 1950s flicks of street fights & gangs (in musicals ofcourse). The song is basically a warning to not play around with the protagonist. Similarly Mad About You sounds like it could have been off the soundtrack of movies like Grease!

Wasted Life is a lament about times & opportunity gone by on which guest guitarist Little Charlie Baty noodles out his jazzy style. Somebody’s Got To Burn is a darker song on vengeance with some intense riffing. Heavy Dosage, a West Coast swing number, allows Jones & his guest guitarists Baty & Junior Watson and the rhythm section to just stretch out into a jazz & swing vibe and belt out an instrumental. That’s Wrong Little Mama is a cover of a BB King original. Waiting On You is about waiting & getting impatient for your woman to get ready to have fun.

The Doctor is a fun danceable track about falling in love with a …… you guessed it, a doctor! In Out Of loan calculator with interest Service harmonica support this song about the cell phone blues. Anyone who waited for a call from their lover can relate. Bogart Bounces Again is a good instrumental lead by guitar but amiably supported by the drums, keys & bass and you can hear a horn section here & there. Silent Treatment & Tickets On Yourself bring the rear section of the cd and prove that there’s not a weak link in the entire lot.

Thoroughly enjoyable blues record. Here’s Jones playing Double Eyed Whammy live on stage.

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