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While out today, I decided to get my hair cut. It was gettin’ (sing that Crosby, Stills & Nash song, brown boy) kinda long! So after I had my dose of coffee fueled goodness at CCD (which was so empty today, compared to the crowd I usually see on Sunday late mornings) & before I went to get a couple of books and then drink some vodka with my lunch, I went to Mama Mia hair cutting salon. I enjoy going to this neat salon off Chitoor Road and they usually do a great job, even though they are a tad bit too expensive.

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So I had my longish locks cut short and it feels much better. The balding spot isn’t getting any better but then I have resigned myself to the inevitable fate of going bald. If I grow my hair longer, I can just about cover the spot on the back of my head but I’m not fooling anyone, least of all myself. So I accept my fate of male pattern baldness – damn this fucking existence. I then bought a copy of Michael Crichton’s Sphere & a copy of John Grisham’s The Partner. In the latter book, I was reading an interrogation scene in which before they place electrodes on certain parts of the guy being interrogated, they use an electric razor on his chest, thighs & groin area. As I read it, I feel like shaving my entire body as I hate body hair.

Why the fuck do I lose hair on my head, where it belongs, but be able to grow them on my arms, legs, groin & armpits? Do they serve any purpose? Is it beautiful? NO, yuck! I don’t know why we need hair all over. I am jealous of those male porn stars who are completely hairless (shaved) on the body. And Chinese guys who usually have very body hair. Why must I have body hair? If I shaved all my body hair and stuck it I could have really long hair on my head a la hair metal bands of the 80s! Not as bad as George The Animal Steele or Anil Kapoor.

I think that you know you are no longer a kid when you start losing hair on your head and start growing it more in places that you don’t want hair! Like arms, legs, groin, pits & ears! Yuck, yuck, yuck.

2 thoughts on “Body Hair

  1. Amen on both counts! there is NOTHING (to me, any rate) LESS atrractive than a person who has some personal flaw that they try to ignore/cover up instead of trying to work with. “Manscaping”, as we call it over here, is a very, very good thing – any lady worth her salt will tell you so if she’s honest. Plus there are some HOT bald guys (call me crazy but Ben Kingsley is HOT, to me), so I’d say when it gets bad, just Bic it and rock your chrome dome. But that may not be for a while, right?


    PS have been madly busy, will holla back around mid November. Ugh, just in time for my birthday ugh!

  2. Yeah it’s not that bad at the moment. I can still pull it off. And to tell you the truth Maya, I would have shaved it off completely if I was not overweight! I really thought about it a few times, especially during the summer. I am still thinking about it now but it wouldn’t suit my big body. Maybe I should lose weight just so I can shave my head bald.

    Ben Kingsley, Joe Satriani, Bruce Willis, a bunch of African-American sportsmen – they all look cool in the chrome dome look. Lol, i love that term chrome dome.

    And yeah, I’ve missed u a lot. Looking forward to chatting with u.

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