Bomb Blast @ Cochin Collectorate

The shattering news echoed all over the city today as the word spread about a bomb blast at the Cochin Collectorate. The blast took place on the 5th floor of the office in Kakkanad area and the building was evacuated immediately.

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Onlookers rushed to the site on hearing the roar of the blast (but I wonder if they would have helped anyone – Keralites are notoriously curious to view accidents & mishaps but the curiosity stops at that). A high alert was sounded across Kerala and security beefed up after an explosion at the Kochi collectorate building Friday evening was identified as a pipe bomb blast and identified a timer, ammonium nitrate and batteries.

A man near the spot suffered minor injuries in the blast but no deaths. Security is being beefed up and there might be cops all around. I know that the BPO which I work in is going to be very alert tomorrow. All employees have been asked to be prepared for intense frisking and bag checking.

3 thoughts on “Bomb Blast @ Cochin Collectorate

  1. I guess so. The main thing is, after watching the news late last evening, that anyone can just go in without a security check. It seems that a stray dog was sleeping on the stairway. Is it any surprise that someone was able to place a bomb there?

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