Bon Voyage, Blossom

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Today was my friend & colleague Vidya’s last working day at the office where I work. She had spoken a few weeks ago about her need to move to Bangalore to our team lead as she was facing pressure from her family – her husband was working in Banglore and his job was way too good for him to give it up and come and work in Cochin. He used to come down to Cochin every few weeks but that was not enough for them. So after almost 2 years, they are once again going to be living full time together.

So Vidya gave her resignation a month ago today and served her notice period wonderfully well. Professionally speaking my department & the company are losing a highly valuable asset, a really good trainer & a wonderful colleague. Personally for her friends, we are losing our beloved Blossom! Blossom is the name I gave her around the time we became friends – I call her & two other lady colleagues in my team, the Powerpuff Girls. I chose Blossom for her because of the name and the way her character is. She is cuteness in corporeal form. She is a quite, happy & sweet person. She has a way of smiling / laughing that is adorable, her nose crinkles & her eyes become tiny slits as her whole body laughs in earnestness.

plumm summer a dvd She is also a highly dedicated worker and loyal to a fault. We are going to miss her a great deal. I arranged for a cake as part of her send off. We wanted to say wonderful things about her but the other two girls and I couldn’t keep our eyes dry long enough to do so. We had her cut the cake, with tears streaming in our eyes and took a few snaps as a group. Everyone filed in to wish her the very best and finally it was just the training team, standing together for the final snap shots and to then wish her as she left the office for the very last time as an employee. I speak for the others as well when I say that we were lucky to be your colleagues and teammates and blessed to be your friend.

Bon Voyage, Blossom.

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  1. i miss her as without her the powerfuff girls is incomplete…a gap which has no other alternative. hardly we find such a photo finish… pairs…anyway we wait to hear a good news from her end…

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