Boring For Most But Comfortable For Me Christmas 3 Day Weekend

The 3 day weekend went by like a breeze. Why do they go by so quickly? Anyways I came home on Friday and reached only by 7:30 pm due to a huge traffic block of shoppers and people going out of town. I didn’t do anything for the evening, just chilled and listened to some music and went to bed by 11 pm. Saturday, I woke up by 8 am and relaxed with some coffee and then had breakfast. I went out for a little bit, as one of my medicines could only be purchased at Ravipuram.

So I booked a cab and went to get the medicine and then went to Starbucks. I watched reels on my phone and enjoyed the frappe before coming back home for a light lunch and then lay back in bed to watch 1992’s classic Disney Animated film Aladdin! The evening and night were spent watching some vlogs and listening to music and we had spicy alfahm chicken for dinner. Sunday morning was the usual but then I watched the horror-alien invasion flick No One Will Save You and then at night I watched Gremlins. The latter of which is one of my top 3 Christmas movies.

Monday, Christmas day, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. At first my sister wanted to go out but my dad as having a bit of back pain so he wanted to stay in. We ended up spending the afternoon at my apartment, with my sister buying us some biryani and porotta and chicken chilli fry for lunch and I bought everyone ice cream sundaes from Caravan that we got delivered here. All stuffed, while they watched a movie, I went to my room and watched Apocalypto and almost fell asleep. Evening was spent with some tea, a hot shower and music and for dinner we had left overs. Early bed time too.

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