Boring Me On A Wet Sunday


download futurama the beast with a billion backs dvd Well it’s been a wet day but it wasn’t raining for most of the morning. Still, taking a shower was almost the same as doing the river dance. Coooold water,  brrrr!

My sister brought her younger son and my niece to the apartment today. I chatted with my sister for a while, giving her an update on the Communications coach that I need to hire for the company and about some other stuff. I was out of the apartment by 1:30 pm and hoping for some coffee at Barista. But the heavy rains have caused a long power outage in Bay Pride Mall and hence Barista cafe has no power and cannot make their coffees!

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And what the fuck? SBI ATMs will only spit out money in Rs. 1000 notes! That’s shit service! It said on the screen that to enter “only multiples of Rs.100” but did not accept the Rs.400 and then Rs.800 that I tried. Finally when I entered in Rs.1000 it accepted it and gave me a Rs.1000 note! Of all the fucking stupid things that a bank can do, this takes the cake!

So I went to Velocity, took a comfy booth and had some chicken & porotta and 3 Romanov vodkas with sprite. That hit the spot. Then sleep for a bit while it poured down rain. Watch a movie, read my mail and goof off in front of the pc. Yawn, I think I’ll get some more sleep. G’nite!

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