Boss’s Day Out

Today was designated ‘Boss’s Day Out’ at the office and HR published an idea that employees could decorate their boss’s work terminal and also decorate their boss! By the time I reached the office, my team were already at it and made my desk & chair colourful and decorative with lots of coloured paper & stuff.

They then decorated me – I’ll have to share some photos that were taken and I will as soon as I get a copy of them. I just cannot describe my appearance.

I learnt that I was to go to Coimbatore for a workshop on Friday. Although I tentatively said ‘yes’ I withdrew from it after speaking to my manager and the center head. The reason? My mum’s 60th birthday falls the day after I have to go to Coimbatore and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize it. Plus I need to be here for making arrangements and stuff. So I have backed out of it.

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