Bought A Lemon!


I had purchased an external DVD writer/player earlier this month, while I was on my leave/vacation. The one I bought was a Enter hi-speed USB 2.0 DVD write. It is a dud.

I hadn’t heard of this company before and should not have gone for it but was enticed by the price tag, which at Rs.3.2 k was the lowest I could find in that store. Hind-sight being 20/20, I should have opted for another one from a company I was certain about, like Samsung.

The Enter DVD writer keeps getting stuck while playing DVDs and it will not allow you to burn a DVD properly. I have tried buring 6 dvds and they all fell flat.. Furthermore, whne you plan a dvd it gets stuck in between! And you cannot copy files from a dvd into your computer – it gets stuck!

I called the store back on Monday and told them that I would be back in a couple of days since I wanted either a refund of a replacement. They have agreed over the phone but I plan on getting a better make or model even if I have to spend a 1000 bucksmore. This is ridiculous.

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2 thoughts on “Bought A Lemon!

  1. Usually the recommended company is LG for DVD Writer. Samsung will get a problem with the tray ejection after a while(benign – but irritating). Sony has problem reading unbranded DVDs/CDs.

  2. yeah, with tech toys you usually get what you pay for…. better to wait for a sale on a brand you know and trust!

    good luck with the refund!

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