Bought A New 2TB External Hard Drive

After more than 3 weeks of arguing with myself, checking prices, checking other people’s opinions and checking the varying prices and offers on I finally caved in and bought myself a 2TB external hard drive.

Some of you, old time readers or if you have accidentally found those particular blog posts will know that I rip my mp3s, dvds and blue ray copies onto external hard drives. I have 3 1TB drives (all Western Digital), a 320 GB Transcend drive and a 160 GB old Western Digital drive. the 160 GB drive that serves as a back up for my mp3 files and a 350 GB drive that has mostly movie files. My three 1TB drives have music, photos, my own vids, photos, downloaded images, some other files and tv shows and movies. My vast collection of things from the internet or from my phone’s camera.

Space is running out soon as I also shoot a lot of videos myself plus I want a lot more space for the data. This 2TB drive is from Adata and it’s the ADATA HC660 2TB USB 3.0 Elite External Hard Drive (Titanium). I expect it on Wednesday.

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