Boxing Day Bore

Well back to work I go. It’s only been three days but I feel lazy. Also, I have not enjoyed them as much because a)Saturday I slept most of the day away having woken up up only by 1:45 pm (whoa!) and then feeling so tired that after brushing my teeth and having lunch I went straight back to bed, though instead of sleeping I watched a movie and some tv before getting up at around 5pm.

Saturday I slept late, by 4 am, watching movies all night and Sunday I went out. Monday I was in for Yule and after a nice big lunch of fried chicken, fries and beer I slept for 90 minutes. And we have had mosquitoes, buzzing around all late evening and night making it hard for me to sleep and enjoy myself. Sheesh! And it’s been warm. Well altleast the day time is fine, the mornings are actually breezy.

I watched 6 movies this 3 day weekend – Jeepers Creepers 3, James Bond : A View To a Kill, Demolition Man, Gremlins, Indian Jones & The Raiders of The Lost Ark & Alien. That’s a good variety of films don’t you think? Now it’s back to work and I don’t want to go!

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