Boxing Day Outing

It’s been a while since I went out to enjoy an afternoon in town so today, Boxing Day, seemed as good as any other day to remedy that. Nothing much planned except for the usual coffee and drinks+lunch. And an inquiry at computer+peripherals+mobile store if they had Blackberry Curve 8320 models available.

So I took a long leisurely shower and dressed to go out around noon. I headed over to Barista Cafe at Bay Pride Mall. On the way I also had to get into a con call regarding work which put me in a slightly pissed off mood. Not to worry, a nice Swiss Mocha cold coffee and a smoked chicken sandwich can easily fix that. Barista was crowded (I usually go there on Sundays and it’s ok) and I had to sit at a corner table, cramped cause there were a couple of huge guys sitting right behind me and their elbows kept banging into my chair. I took a copy of Robert Ludlum’s The Ambler Warning for reading.

About an hour there, I went window shopping and checked out the latest flat screen monitors for pcs (I would like to change my home system sometime in the next quarter), external hard drives (running out of space to store my tv series & movies) and also asked the store if they had the 8320. A long wait later, they informed me that they didn’t have any on stock. They tried pushing the Gemini onto me…nice try buddy!

On my way out & talking on the phone, someone poked me! As I turned around, I saw this familiar face – much older, with some gray showing on the side burns, coloured long hair tied in a pony tail and certainly much wider frame. A blast from the past – it was my former school senior George Peter. George, as some music buffs in the state will know, used to sing with rock band 13 AD and is now a music director. It was nice to see him after such a long time – 10 years I think.

Well, after that I went to Velocity to sit near the big screen tv and downed 4 vodkas with Sprite. I had some pork and some fried chicken with porottas for a late lunch. I stayed at the bar for about 2.5 hours and then came back home. I had an early evening snooz and woke up all refreshed and ready to watch some football.

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