Breakfast For Dinner

It depends on what the food items are. I kinda think that us Malayalees have breakfast items for dinner a lot. But then a lot of those dishes are considered to be for both meals. Confused? I guess you would have to be a localite to really get that.

The usual breakfast items in a Malayalee household or atleast in mine are various styles of dosas – with either chutney, sambhar, dosa podi or chammandee, idlis, puttu with either kadala (lentils) curry, payare (green gram) or banana, appam with egg curry, potato stew, or kadala curry, various upma – avil (dried rice flakes), godham (wheat) or plain, puri & lentils. That’s for the local stuff. A lot of us eat cereals, bread with eggs, cheese, butter or jam. At my home we make veggie sandwiches with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers & coriander chamandee. And a lot of us eat most of the same food for dinner as well. That is pretty common over here. But wit the exception of sandwiches and occasionally appam, dosas & puttu I don’t like having the breakfast stuff for dinner. Dinner items should be different from the breakfast items.

That’s just my thinking. Plus I don’t really want rice stuff all the time. Lunch is almost always the starchy white rice so I don’t really like to have breakfast & dinner with a lot of the same stuff in it. Ugh! But I do because I live with my folks and that is what they like. When I get the chance I move away from the rice stuff.

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