Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Dinner. More choices and much more filling. Let’s see : you have the various Indian, Chinese, sandwiches, pizza, burgers & Arabian food. The list is long and delicious. Street food your thing? Well if you wanna go light, then the choices are filling & tasty if you try out the various chat vendors that are scattered across the city. Traditional Malayalee street vendors or thattu kada services offer a lot more choices: dosas, porottas, chappathys, bread with veggies, eggs, chicken or beef.

Chinese comes in two styles: the Indian version of Chinese food or more of less authentic Chinese food. The difference is to be noted in the variety, the names & taste of the dishes not to mention the cooks, the oil & the preparation! I prefer to get the better tasting stuff from places like Chinese Garden & Golden Dragon of which the latter is far more authentic and tastier. If not the other more Kerala style, which is eaten by a lot more people and served in every nook & corner of the city will suffice.

Indian dishes are as varied & complex as the people that dot this large democracy. Gujarathi, North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi style food. Not to mention Kerala style dishes. Veg or Non-veg you have choices galore. An although you can get most of this stuff for lunch as well, it just makes more sense to have it at night. You have more time to sit and talk with family or friends and enjoy the evening with the food. Plus if you want to get a few drinks – the night is still young.

And I’m talking only about my city. A bigger one around the world will have many more choices. So dinner it is!

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4 thoughts on “Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

  1. I absolutely LOVE Chinese Food. I usually order in every Saturday Night before settling in to watch a movie. And if I’m not ordering Pizza, I’m definitely ordering Chinese Food!

  2. I’m a breakfast lover… not so much for what I eat (which is very boring, LOL) but for my own little quiet time with book and coffee… mmm.

    I absolutely LOVE indian food, asian food too! my two favorites!

  3. I do like a good solid breakfast which is : toast, jam, eggs, coffee & orange juice. Oh I love all kinds of sandwiches as long as the bread is toasted.

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