Breaking Apart

A couple of days ago I went to have dinner with a couple of my friends – let’s just say that their names are Guy & Gal. Guy & Gal are married to each other for the past three years, I have known then for 8 years and for most of that time they have loved each other. Until recently it seems.

Along with us for the dinner were Gal’s brother – who I barely knew & their female cousin who was also a friend of mine. The hostility between Guy & Gal was so obvious that it ruined what was supposed to be a reunion of friends. I hadn’t seen any of them in a long time and I was really looking forward to a great evening. I was filled in on the details of the rift between the married couple by their cousin. She has called me from her cell just before I left the house to join them for the dinner and gave me the shock of my life when she told me that it looked like the marriage was heading for a divorce! She told me just so that I wouldn’t feel weird sitting there and seeing two old friends take snipes at each other during the entire meal. Gal’s brother is either not aware or blind to the whole sorry situation or he does not care….or perhaps he is masking his emotions behind a facade. It did seem funny to me that he was very quite throughout the whole evening and just sipped at his two beers. I could barely finish my beer & eat half of my dinner, which was actually quite well prepared.

The sad part is although divorce is nothing uncommon now, I can remember when these two couldn’t bear to be apart. I helped them a bit along the way to their marriage and was happy to bask in their love, which I thought was forever and atleast thought that in the likelyhood that I would never get married I could always depend on my friends being happy.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Apart

  1. *Sigh*…Love comes tumbling down…acrimony in matrimony..

    Awww…bummer..rosh caught in the verbal crossfire, and couldnt stomach his dinner…duh! ..

    On the lighter side mabbe if you try help them patching up, you might slim up and possibly shape up as single

  2. slim up & shape up = less dinner and less beers while with them, surviving dodging verbal volleys, grenades hurled ..having third thoughts abt matrimonial blisss…

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