Broke His Cup Holder

One day a guy calls tech support. This is a little like how it went…

Customer: Hello?

Technical Support: Hello

Customer: Yeah, my cup holder broke and my computer is still under warranty, so I would like to get it replaced.

Technical Support: A cup holder?

Customer: Yeah cup holder…

Technical Support: Ummm did you get it with a promotional offer?

Customer: No

Technical Support: Umm are you sure you got the right company?

Customer: Yeah

Technical Support: I ‘m sorry if I sound confused, because I am.

Customer: Well it’s square, and it’s on the front of the computer, and it comes out when you press a button…

At this point the Tech support guy had to put the guy on hold so he could finish laughing…

The guy had broken his CD-ROM drive, thinking it was a cup holder.

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