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What’s up good people? I’ve been down but not out for a couple of days and just back on my feet. On Wednesday morning I went out for some errands and it was a hot, sweaty & muggy day. I was back home by afternoon and we had heavy thunder & lightning with lots of rain in the evening hours. By around 7pm I felt that I was getting a slight temperature and a bad cold coming on. I went to bed early, relaxed with a movie and then slept a long time. It didn’t work!

I woke up on Thursday morning with a bad sore throat, cough, cold and a runny nose and overall feeling sick. No temperature though and I was atleast glad for that. But I had bad sneezing bouts which usually trigger breathing difficulties for me (as I suffer from bronchitic asthma) and I was mostly resting in bed. I took some vicks drops and also did a little inhalation followed by lots of hot water, coffee & resum for my throat & cough. I felt all yucky throughout the day. Another early night for me as I went to sleep watching Bones season 2.

I slept a lot last night, almost 10 hours and woke up very late too. Spent almost 90 minutes just starring at the ceiling and not feeling that great but once I did get outta bed I felt much better. I managed to even take a shower at 5pm, cause I was sweating as the day was hot and my clothes were starting to stick to me. So I showered and I feel much better. I still have a blocked nose but it’s getting better. By Sunday,I’m sure that I will be back to normal.

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