Burger, Hair Cut, Movie!

I went out today meaning to get some good food, in particular a burger and catch a movie. Also there was the small matter of getting a hair cut. You see even though I am balding my hair, especially at the back and the sides had grown quite long. Not yet shoulder length but getting there. So much so that I’ve been getting questions about joining a 80s/90s hard rock band!

So I decided to leave for Panampilly Nagar and get me some burger love and a shake. The day was warm enough with some bright sunshine bearing down on us by midafternoon to desire some cooling off and a shake was in order. I booked me an Uber and went to The Burger Junction, stopping by only to buy some medicine. I ordered me a nice, juicy, beef patty burger with onion rings and bacon added as toppings and scarfed that down with a cookies & Nutella shake. Delicious!

Then I went to Chitoor road which is were the current hair saloon I go to for getting my hair cut is located. However there was a huge waiting time there with atleast an hour or so wait until I could get to my turn. I had to wait in the streets outside as there was no place to sit in the small saloon (they only have 3 chairs for people to get their hair cut and a small bench where you can wait). So after a few minutes of waiting there, I decided to leave. As I walking to Center Mall, I saw another small hair cutting saloon, run by two guys from Lucknow, UP and went in. It was a narrow, hole in the wall with a small bench for people who would have to wait and just two seats. As it was empty, I was quickly seated and I told the guy who would be cutting my hair how I wanted it cut.

But then I had to repeat it, in Hindi! He spoke very little English and no Malayalam at all. Nice, dude – pick up the language if you have been here for 5 plus years. Anyway I managed to tell him to cut it short at the back and the sides and that done, I walked in the heat upto Center mall and waited for an hour in the lounge, chatting on Whatsapp in the meantime, until 3:40 pm when the movie started. I got me a medium Coke and some cheese popcorn and enjoyed the film. By 6 I left and came back home.

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