Burger King’s Indie Tikka Chicken Whopper

Every 2-3 months I check out fast food restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC & Burger King (which are the big four chains that I have access to here in Kochi, India) to see what new or seasonal items they have in their menu. It’s always fun to have your favourite items from these big guns but it’s even more fun when they launch a new one. Perusing through the BK India site, I noticed that they had a couple of new ones and so I tried out one of them – the Indie Tikki Chicken Burger.

Loaded with Minty, Makhani and Creamy Sauce with a flame-grilled patty, chips in a XXL bun and loads of veggies, The Indie Tikka Whopper is a fusion of funky flavours. They also have a mutton (which is what I was gonna order but I decided at chicken at the last minute) and a veggie patty version. The rest of the things are the same. And when it arrived via Swiggy, it looked just like a regular whopper but it did have nacho chips at the bottom of the patty. Now this is supposed to be an Indianized burger or a burger with Indian flavours. The makhani sauce and calling it the Indie Tikka burger kinda labels it as such but where in the heck is nacho chips Indian?

Anyways I was disappointed as the nacho chips were soggy and stuck to each other, as expected. There was no way that it would retain the crispiness. But the rest of the whopper was good, the makhani sauce goes well with the veggies and the chicken burger. They also added jalapenos – is this Indian or Mexican? LOL! Or maybe a hybrid. Anyways, it is a good burger though taste wise it isn’t very different from the regular chicken whopper. An 8 outta 10!

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