Busy, Busy Day

So like I said yesterday, today I was a little busy but I am glad that I could come back home by 5pm so I can relax on this lazy feeling, dull but nice & cool rainy day. It didn’t rain too much but the weather is so cool nowadays that I need to switch on my water heater before I take a shower otherwise my balls will be cold. The agenda like I mentioned earlier is buying cloth for new pants and find a tailor to stitch them for me, watch Wonder Woman, lunch and shopping for groceries. I added buying medicines in there too.

Thank the internet and software gods for Uber because I did save some money in the travel. Had I taken autorikshaws today I would have been charged much more but because of the discounts I get, I was charged 30% less for each ride. And I took 6 of them today. That was the most I have every taken. Anyways, I left home without eating breakfast and went to buy some medicine near Medical Trust. Then it was off to Center Mall and to Cinepolis where I watched Wonder Woman at the 11:15 am show. Once the movie was over, at around 1:45 or so I went to Cocoa Tree in Avenue Regent for lunch, which was fish n chips and a smoothie.

Then I went to Seemati and to the Men’s Studio section to buy some black pant material for me. I walked over to a tailor store a few minutes away and after measurements and giving them my order, I took another Uber to Panampilly Nagar as I wanted to buy groceries from Farm Gold supermarket. After my shopping, I came  back home. Tired and wanting some coffee and snacks. It’s been a busy day.

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