Busy Days Ahead But Hopefully Not Too Busy

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The next couple of weeks are going to be tough but if things go right I can organize everything and still find time to go on a vacation as I had planned. Let’s see what’s in store for me during the coming weeks:

I have to get my team of trainers into a full day workshop on the 24th of April. This means that we have to change the schedule for the 3 batches that are currently in training at the moment. We will have to give the trainees an off on the 24th and make them work on the 1st of May to compensate.

Then I have two 9 hour workshops on Transaction Analysis to organize on the 28th & 29th of this month. Almost everything is arranged; the external trainers are due here in Cochin on the 27th evening. I just need to make sure that we have a good turnout. I will be attending the session myself.

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A new client created training application software has been launched, unofficially as of today. They hope to roll it out on the 1st of May and henceforth all data regarding training must be entered in this software. A lot of it is time consuming and confusing but we have no choice.

There will be an Employee Retention training program on the 13th & 14th – a two day workshop jointly conducted by the corporate training & HR departments. Not sure if I will be attending that one but again I have to organize the event. And on the 15th of May there will be a presentation on projects done post another workshop (the training was in December). I had done mine last year and got certified, so again, just organizing the event.

And in between & after the normal work continues!! So looking forward to it!

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