Busy Monday

I got a shock today as soon as I reached the office – my colleague and buddy Akhil had gone back to Bangalore as he has taken ill. It seems he was quite unwell last evening and the cause was kidney stones! I used to tell that bugger that he was drinking way too little water. For a time people were scared as to what he had but a visit to the hospital confirmed the kidney stone. So he was sent home on a plane to Bangalore.

I arrived at the office and got the news, then had to start the work for the day. By afternoon, I had a light snack for lunch and continues my work, only stopping for some clarification that operations wanted and for a couple of coffee breaks. Between 3 & 4 & then 6 & 7 I had some feedback that needed to be given to the agents and I sent my report on the same just before I left the office. Some more work was needed but at the last moment it was decided to be skipped till the morning.

Funny thing, when you are in a hurry, does the bus actually listen to you? I needed to reach home as fast as possible, in 30 minutes if I could and I swear the trip home by bus went much faster than usual. Weird!

Song for the day – “Do No Wrong” – TODD KERNS

One thought on “Busy Monday

  1. I find when I’m in a hurry, things go much, much slower. Because I’m an impatient person.

    Hope he’s better soon!

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