Busy Week With A Cold

So it has been a really busy week for me at the office. It’s really been a tiring and long week and it’s only been 4 days!! I still have to get to work today! Long days at the office starting from 8am. Oh man.

So we are starting a new business process at the office and we have some clients down here to help setup the new process. So from Monday it’s been long hours and going around the office from room to room and getting things done. This means moving from the 5th to the 6th to the 7th floor. This is really tiring and we also need to learn the new process while also helping out in the already established processes.

Tuesday I came down with a really bad cold that could have become a fever. I was sneezing so much and it was really bad. So I excused myself at 4:30 am and went straight home. I had some coffee and sat at my computer for a while till 7 pm and then watched a bit of tv before sleeping for many hours. I was well enough to come to work the next day. Both Wednesday and Thursday have been long work days – 13 hours each and it is taking a toll on me. I am so glad that it’s Friday.

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