Buzz Off Headache

I had the killer of all headaches last evening. The office being as cold as a mortuary in Iceland didn’t help things. With so many visiting dignitaries (meaning upper management like DGMs, GMs and a few VPs & a COO) the office was cleaned and the air-conditioner was cranked up as high as possible to please them. This meant that us simpler folk had to suffer the cold as we aren’t used to those temperatures and neither do we like it to be that high.

I was busy the entire day, with reports and stuff, a couple of meetings and then a con call from 4:30pm till 6:15 pm. Post that I had to finish work on the monthly review ppt and send it off by 7pm. It wasn’t a good day and because of some issues, I wasn’t in the mood for lunch and so skipped it all together. I started getting this bad headache around 3pm and I only used coffee to fuel me throughout the day. Post 7pm, I took to sorting out issues pertaining to my department and preparing myself for the fact that I wasn’t able to achieve one of the targets I had set for myself during the review last month and that it was because I was careless. I’m ready to face the music.

By late evening the pangs of hunger hit me very hard but I could leave the office only a few minutes after 8pm. I walked slowly to the bus stop and headed home. I decided to have a quick dinner at a hotel near the North Railway station and headed there. I ate my dinner quickly and realized that I was feeling a little sick. I then came home and changed clothes. I wanted to lie down and read for a bit and so by 9:30 pm I was in my bed and reading the latest Dan Brown. In about 15 minutes or I was sound asleep and woke up at around 6am. The headache is still there!

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