Bye To Another Friend

serendipity movie Another friend at the office is leaving us. I knew this was coming, since most of us were not happy with recent changes at the work place. Several of us, including me, wanted to quit and I came close to quitting almost a month ago. A recent change in profile has kept me since that time, otherwise I would have taken that crappy job in Palghat that I was not really happy with but anything to get out of the problem that I was in.

So my friend Shalina is off to another organization to take up a better offer there. The role is pretty much the same but the pay is much better and I think she will be quite happy there and do very well. She was a huge star here, she gave excellent performances as part of her work. I’m gonna miss her jokes & the talks with her. We all are. I found out yesterday morning that today would be her last day at the office and when she came to tell me about it later I was sad. She knew I would miss her and so she gave me a hug to say that she was going to miss me too.

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