Cafe De La Rosh

One of my wishes, if I had wishes from a fairy godmother or if I had the money to invest, is to start my own coffeeshop. I just so love the cafe culture and spending hours in a quite coffeeshop with a good book to read or a laptop and some good coffee is a favourite pass time of mine as well as so many others.  The smells of coffee being made with various flavours and in various styles are some of the most pleasant things in this world.

All this coffee drinking needs a good setting, with good wooden tables and chairs. Some comfy couches in a couple of areas will also be great. The chairs will be so comfortable that once you seat yourself in them you will not want to get up for a few hours and will order 2 or 3 cups of coffee – cause they are so good! I’d have knowledgeable & talented baristas who make many, many different varieties of coffee – espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, cafe late, cafe au lait, mocha cafe, mocah latte, macchiato, iced latte, frappes, etc. Oh the taste will knock your socks off and leave you craving for more.

Along with the coffees, I will also serve you flavoured teas – raspberry, lemon, honey, herbal – both hot & cold. And delicious hot sandwiches, muffins, hod dogs, cookies, donuts, meat rolls & patties as well as cakes & tarts. And if you don’t have a book to read, I would provide you with magazines, newspapers and some novels – fiction & non-fiction. You can also buy books from my shop as well as decorative coffee cups. And to keep you just in the right mood – I’d have some music playing! Flamenco, rhumba from; Spanish guitar melodies & rhythms to fuel your soul. More acoustic finger style guitar music, some piano & jazz music. You’d never want to leave.

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