Camel Burgers : Healthy Alternative?

A restaurant in Dubai has begun to promote it’s camel burgers as a fat free & healthier alternative to the normal hamburgers.

Targeting health-conscious customers, Local House’s representatives told a newspaper that the burger patties were cooked in a secret mix of spices and were fat and cholesterol free. For 20 UAE dirhams (£3.45) diners can try a quarter pound camel burger with cheese and burger sauce. The camel meat is sourced from a camel farm in Al Ain, in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain has been associated with camel breeding and racing for centuries.

Camel meat is widely eaten in some Arab countries, but is not typically sold in supermarkets or served in restaurants. The paper reported that Local House said it was the first to introduce the burger in the United Arab Emirates, although a fast-food restaurant in Saudi Arabia begun offering baby camel burgers last year.

2 thoughts on “Camel Burgers : Healthy Alternative?”

  1. I’m game to try anything other than insects, snakes and rodents. And ofcourse no dogs or cats.

    Camel meat has always fascinated me but there’s no opportunity to taste it here.

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