Can I Tell Ya A Secret?

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A secret, a secret. Hmmm? I am pretty open about a lot of things. Let me see. Oh yes! When I was 16 I was offered to act in a commercial!

Yes, I know. Shocking! This fat ole ugly mug was asked to be in a commercial. At that time cable tv was in it’s toddler age in India and there was like one or two local channels. This guy who was in the same college as me (I was in pre-degree which is 11th & 12 th grade but in a college, which was the norm untile about 15 years ago) had an uncle who was a film and ad maker and he was shooting commercials for various local brands at the time. And this collegemate of mine asked me if I wanted to be in either a) a food commercial or b) a jean and casual shirts store commercial.

I was not gonna get it anyway but this guy was a friend and he wanted friends of his from school & college to be in the ads as he could get his uncle to be persuaded. But I said no cause I was even back then (and still am but back then I wasn’t as fat as I am now) very self-conscious of the way I looked. So fickle fame passed me by, LOL! Lame secret I know but that’s all I can remember at the top of my sleepy brain at the moment.

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