Can Money Buy Happiness? Why Or Why Not?

Yes in one way or the other. If you have lots of money you can buy things, provide for you and your family and that makes everyone happy. There are ofcourse things that you cannot buy with money, like love, but you can buy stuff to make your loved ones happy and take care of them and make their lives a lot more secure and happy. This is another way that you can buy happiness when you see your loved ones happy.

So I don’t buy that old saying. I can do a lot of things with money. Buy comfort, the best house or accommodation, the best in medicine & medical care, the best in entertainment, food and drink! That is something that everyone cannot do for their loved ones. But imagine you had so much money that spending it for doing this all even for 45-50 people will just be a drop in the bucket for you and your wealth! I’m talking Jeff Bezos kinda rich! Yeah, I want that and more so I can do that for my loved ones.

Money buys you things and services and comfort and luxuries. Cures (well gets you the best medical care up to a certain extent) and takes care of your health needs. Gets you entertainment stuff so you aren’t too bored. Also gets you homes and keeps your loved ones in safe & comfortable homes. It allows you to travel as much as you want (pandemic permitting) and that too makes you happy. So all in all, money does buy you happiness indirectly and sometimes directly.

Prompt from OCTOBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS at Living A Sunshine Life

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