Can You Get Work Done While Music Is Playing?

It really depends on the situation. I tend to like having music played at work on a Saturday but not on other days. The work tends to be light and hence it’s a very relaxing atmosphere and somewhat of a party mood because most of my colleagues at my previous office knew that we’d be going to get some drinks in the evening. Or if not drinks then atleast coffee & sandwiches at a cafe.

I like music being played in the background as long as the workload is not too heavy. If I’m going to have conference calls, knee deep in creating presentations and stuff then no, music would only be in the way. I’d make mistakes or get too involved in the music, with the lyrics & the melody and not want to concentrate on my work. If it’s my fav rock songs then I’d be air guitaring and headbanging and you know that only makes typing very hard to do!

Some people I know can actually work better if there is music playing. They sit at their systems with the headphones on and keep working and they feel that they are shutting the outside world and other distractions and can really hunker down and get stuff done. I have never been able to do that. I guess because I love music so much that I get too involved in it and work goes out the window. So I’d prefer not to have any music playing if I am working.

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