Can’t Stay And Chat

My dad’s been admitted to the hospital for some tests as he is has been suffering from respiratory problems and he keeps getting ill. There’s slight variation in his ECG.

I’ve just reached home from work, so I’ll get some things for an overnight stay, keep him company for the night and then get back home in the morning. I’m working tomorrow, doing Preprocess training for a batch of 22. Things are in a mess at the office and it’s going to take some undoing over there as well.

So I’ll bid goodnite to my readers and catch u later.

9 thoughts on “Can’t Stay And Chat

  1. Hey Roshan – hope that Unni mamma is feeling better soon. I spoke with my folks yesterday, and didn’t hear anything from them. Please keep us posted – hopefully he will be better soon.

  2. Oh it’s alright. He’ll be back on his feet in no time. Once these tests are done they can treat him properly. When I left him at 7 am, he was talking about going to the club and getting a whiskey!! That’s my dad.

  3. He’s going to be ok. He needs some tests (blood, ECG, Echo, treadmill & stuff) to get a proper treatment. He’s been carry a cough & cold for far too long and that has also given him a respiratory problem. This will ensure that he is treated properly.

  4. Thanks to you all. Except for Manoj none of you have met my dad (and ofcourse Manoj is my cousin and knows & loves my dad almost as much as I do). But ur kind words and good thoughts may have had something to do with the fact that he is ok. Has some respiratory problems and needs a bunch of meds for a month but he’s gonna be fine. He’s back home and relaxing.

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