Classy & Sleek 48th Floor Apartment

Look at this classy & sleek 48th floor apartment in downtown Vancouver (Shangri La condos) that take full advantage of it’s awesome views. The open plan main living area is split conveniently into many sections – living, tv/family room, dining, a little work office nook, coffee & breakfast table – and then ofcourse the open plan great looking kitchen. Two bedrooms of which the master has a nice big walk-in closet. This is the kind of place I dream about.

Home Decoration Options – Wine Bottle Lights

At the moment I cannot afford my own place but someday I will and I would like to own a nice place with a couple of bedrooms+bathrooms, kitchen, living room, balcony and a den/library space. It doesn’t have to be really fancy as long as the place is safe and cozy and I have enough space. I’d like to paint the walls differently and decorate the apartment with some cool stuff that need not necessarily be expensive & trendy but it will still look way cool in the place.

I really like this red wall and the awesome looking wine bottles with night lights bunched up inside them. They not only look great but are probably one of the best decoraty- showcase items that you can get to make your place look cool. And practical too – you still get a little light from them in the dark and it adds a certain character to your home.

Once financial things improve, and that will take quite some time as I would want to ensure that thing settle down and not take a huge risk, that’s when I will get that place and do a slow & thorough search for things to make my place the way I want it to be. Personally I can’t wait to do it and start right now but practically I just cannot.

Another Brick In The Wall Of The Apartment?

The pic on the left is of an apartment in Vancouver, Canada which has exposed brick walls. Or some of their walls are exposed brick; not sure as this is the only pic and you can only see what looks like part of the living room.

I’d like to know if you out there also like this look. I personally love it. I think it’s great, depending on what you do with it you can make the apartment look trendy, beautiful, sexy & yet cozy at the same time. I wouldn’t go exposed walls all over the place but portions of it. With a nice fire place the apartment could look really fantastic.

It must be done tastefully and in the right manner or it can just look like you are to too cheap to shell out for the paint! And I think they put some kind of coating on top of the brick so that it gets a nice look. Bricks of different shades also enhance the look.

So what do you think? Hit me up in the comments section.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I’m feeling quite frustrated as my search for a place to rent is still not over. Remember the two places that I thought would be the ones that would be suitable for me and that I would be able to choose among them? Well turned out that the apartment in Angamaly was beyond my budget! Sounded perfect and damn, I was so looking forward to it but I just can’t afford that place. Ok, so that left me with the paying guest option in Chalakudy. I got a call from the guy I had met at the cafeteria and he told me that during the weekend someone had come in for renting and there was no vacancy remaining.

Holy shit! Am I jinxed to not find a place at all? Yesterday I checked the local websites which specialize in apartments & houses (stand alone & portions)  & scanned options for the Angamaly area. I found 3 places that suited my requirements – the first one is a house with 3 bedrooms and quite near the main road and bus stations but the owner’s cell phone numbers seems to be down as I kept trying and trying but no luck. Ok, let’s try the other two places. The 2nd place even has some photos of the place up in the website. Looked real nice, so I called the number listed. Top floor of a 3 storied building, 2 bedrooms both with bathrooms attached, hall, kitchen and a balcony. The owners have two such buildings on adjacent plots and were giving all 6 apartments for rent – but only to families. I spoke to the brother of the owner (his sister & brother in law live abroad) and he said that all other 5 apartments were given to families and they weren’t willing to rent the 6th one out to a bachelor.

The 3rd place also drew a blank. Reason? You guess it! – they will only rent out to a family or a married couple. Guess I’m going to have to get hitched on short notice if I need to get a place for rent. Any woman out there willing to get married for me to get a place to rent? I’m getting desperate!!

Is The Search For A Place To Rent Over?

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about looking for a place to stay somewhere in the Angamaly-Koratty area. When I had initially started working at the new job, I had thought that finding a place to stay would be a piece of cake as the place was not too expensive and I got reports from a lot of people that I could even get a house for the kind of budget that I was planning on keeping for my rent. I didn’t want a house as maintaining it would be a big pain in the ass. By March 18th, when the blog post was written, I had given up looking for a 1BHK apartment/flat and looking for either a 2BHK apartment or a portion of a house as a paying guest as these seemed to be more common.

Well in a few more days I would start getting frustrated as I wasn’t getting anywhere in finding a place. I ended up asking all & sundry for a place to rent in Angamaly, my preferred area to stay in. It was just a 15-20 minute bus ride away from the office and seemed like a nice town to stay in with many shops and stores nearby. Surely it isn’t this hard to find a place there. My dad also started asking people he knew to find a place for me. I spoke to auto drivers, security guards at the office complex, colleagues and finally a broker or two. The brokers both told me that they would get a suitable place for me soon and within my budget range as well. I was like ‘ok” and waited more days. The only call back I got was from a broker, who was referred to me by one of my closest friends, and he called me within 30 minutes of me contacting him. I thought, wow that was quick! But it also turned out to be way past my budget. He  had called me to inform that there was a 2BHK apartment in Angamaly for Rs.5000/- and that wasn’t something that I wanted to pay at the moment.

So I am still traveling back & forth from Ernakulam to Koratty and getting tired of it. Doing it everyday is a pain in the butt and I am so tired of it. However there is hope on the horizon and I’m looking forward to trying them out. On Friday, while having lunch at the cafeteria, me & a colleague spoken to a chap sitting next to us. He told us that he is from Ottapalam (about 3 hours away) and was renting a place in Chalakudy. It’s a single bedroom with bathroom attached, a hall and a sitout/balcony area but no kitchen. It’s part of a house that the owners are giving for rent and he is just payig Rs.2500 –and guess what? He also gets 3 meals a day included!! What??? Turns out that the owners are a couple in their 60s whose children are all abroad and hence they give out their two houses for rent. And it turns out that they have a vacancy there as one tenant had just moved back to his hometown.

Is that lucky? I would not mind staying there at all. So he said that he would put in a word for me and that I could probably go by Monday or Tuesday to go look at the place. I was game and said that I would. And then yesterday, someone my dad knows called him up to inform that a friend of his is willing to rent out a 1BHK apartment in Angamaly and that it would be in my budget range. I could go meet this guy and see the place for myself on Monday/Tuesday, post which the owner would discuss the rent with me. Finally I think I might be getting a place for me and I’m kinda excited about it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope I land one of the two and maybe even move in by the end of the coming week.

Still Looking For A Place To Stay

All this thinking about finding a place to rent has me going crazy. Why? Well for one I hate the very idea of moving stuff. I always end up not having enough space or cartons for storage and then rue the fact that I can’t carry all my things. I’m also finding it difficult to find a 1 BHK place to rent. That was the criteria that I have asked people to help me with. Well ok, if 1BHKs are hard to find then I’ll take a 2BHK place for rent. Hmmm it looks like apartment buildings are quite rare in the area that I am looking to stay in and so I might have to stay as a paying guest or find a person/family who are willing to give a portion of their house or maybe even a floor for rent. Sigh – this is not what I was looking for.

Ok so I’ll settle for anything as long as I can be comfortable over there. There are no apartment buildings in Koratty, the little town on the highway where my new office is located. However being such a small little “pit stop” there aren’t many shops there. There are a few very cute & nice looking houses over there and I would kill to stay in them. The rent is cheaper in Koratty and I can even get a 3 bedroom house for just Rs.3000 a month! That cheap! But what the fuck would I do with a 3 bedroom house even at cheaper rent rates. Personally I hope to find an apartment that is close to stores – medical stores, a grocery story or two, maybe a little supermarket, close to the bus stop (so I don’t have to sweat it out in this heat while walking to get my bus) and most importantly with a bar or 3 nearby.

Below represents an example of what I think would be ideal. I would use the second bedroom as a storage cum little home office setup or whatever. Maybe use it as a den/reading room etc.