Skyline Apartment In Cochin

To satisfy TechnoDoll‘s request for seeing the inside of an apartment in Cochin, I searched and found a video of a very big 3 bedroom apartment in Edalappy, where an American couple reside! Couldn’t find one by localites.

Anyways, it’s by Kerala based builders Skyline and it’s nice and spacious. My sister’s apartment is kinda similar except that their hall is about half the size of the one shown here.

A Lovely Marpole Apartment

This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath is huge & spacious. There’s a humungous balcony/sitout and a triangle shaped den. Living room = huge, master bedroom = huge, second bedroom = big. You can put an NHL size rink in the bedroom and a football pitch in the living room+dining area. Love this apartment.

Only complaint that I have is the bathroom attached to the master bedroom – it’s only a sink and a toilet – where’s the bathtub and shower? That aside, it’s a wonderful layout.

An Apartment In Burnaby

This is an apartment in Burnaby (a suburb of Vancouver, Canada) rented by an Israeli couple. I initially thought that the layout was weird – the big bathroom with the shower & bathtub should have been the one that’s attached to the master bedroom; instead the basic sink, mirror + toilet is the one that is attached to it. And I’m not sure how I would adjust to have the door open to a hall and straight forward to a guest bedroom!

I’ve always thought that the front door should always open to the main living room, it would be weird without that. But, after watching the video a few times, I’ve begun to like the apartment more & more. Although – the woman is a little annoying in it! So yeah, I like this apartment layout & the colours. ????? kombat

A Beautiful Waterside Apartment

I’m really into looking out for nice apartments on Youtube. This ‘hobby’ of mine started when I got involved with a construction company that specializes in apartment buildings here in my hometown (I have 3 of my former trainees working there in different roles) and I send them the links for ideas to send to the architects.

Also this ‘hobby’ of mine is about daydreaming – of what kind of a place that I would like to live in. Vancouver, beautiful gorgeous Vancouver, is a prime favourite and I would really like to live there. Harmless wishful thinking I guess, but I really love nice & cozy apartment designs like this one in trendy Yaletown area.

A Beautiful But Weird Layout For An Apartment

Pretty cool & stylish, well polished look for the apartment. It does have a weird layout though and I would change a few things, especially the bedroom/living room cum tv area. I mean, you don’t want to entertain guests in the same room as you sleep in, right? Well now, ofcourse unless the guest happens to be a sexy, busty blond with legs that you are dying to have wrapped around you!

But otherwise, I love this apartment and would want to live in a place like this. They haven’t shown us if there’s a balcony or something. I also notice a lack of windows! Still gorgeous.