Irish Coffee

Here is a great coffee on days you have a sore throat, cold & a headache. I normally head to Cafe Coffee Day as there a lovely strong Irish Coffee that does much to soothe me. This had become my signature coffee for a while; only thing is since it is usually so hot here, I prefer a cold coffee. Specifically a mocha frappe which is oh so sinful and delicious.

Preparation: Heat the coffee, whiskey and sugar. Do not boil. Pour into glass and top with cream. Serve hot.

Now actual Irish Coffee is supposed to contain alcohol, according to what I have read. And the classic Irish coffee is supposed to have hot black coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar & a double dose of creame floating like a ‘head’ of beer on top. The image is supposed to resemble Guinness beer! However, there was no alcohol in mine, as we are at a family coffee shop chain. Anyhow, it is excellent and I aboslutely love it. I don’t think one needs to add much sugar, especially if you stir the cream into the coffee thoroughly. The effect is much like an exotic dancer enticing you with her many charms…..if you know what I mean. Can’t wait to have some more of it.

Song for the day – “Kiss My Irish Ass” – FRANK MACKEY & THE KELTIC COWBOYS

An Orange Mocha

I wanted to go shopping today, but it being Sunday none of the shops I frequent were open. I decided to try my luck anyways. After a late morning breakfast & leisurely shower I started the day out by getting to Music World & Planet M. I bought a copy of the album featured in the previous post and a cd copy of an album I already owned on cassettes – Lost Dogs by Pearl Jam. It was a sweltering day this afternoon and I was feeling very tired after my short walk up to Shenoy’s junction. I stepped into Cafe Coffee Day which was nearby but since I have a cold & cough, I couldn’t go for any cold ones. So I decided to try out an Orange Mocha, which as the name states is a hot coffee with chocolate & orange flavours. Now, among hot coffees, cappuccinnos & irish coffees rule my world. But this one is something else altogether; the aforementioned two have a strong competitor in the mix now. Hmmm, a mix of hot chocolate and coffee, with a light orange flavour. Let me tell you that this is the way to relax; I have heard more about the cold version (orange mocha frappuccinos) but this is truly great.


  • 2 cups milk
  • 4 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  •  3 pieces of orange zest
  • 1/2 tsp instant coffee
  • 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg


Melt everything together in a saucepan, but do not let boil. Whisk until foamy, then remove the orange zest pieces. Whisk again and serve.

Hot Tamales & Coffee

Sometimes when you are bored and just browsing through numerous webpages aimlessly across the internet, you might hit upon a jackpot of a genius idea! Maybe not your own but someone else’s. And this truly takes the cake in marketing strategies. Oh yeah – a big, thick, chocolatey creamy & dripping with calories cake! Thoughts like “Why didn’t I think of that idea?” or “I surely wanna go there for my daily (or 5, 6 times a day) dose of caffeine” will creep into any straight male’s brain (or a lesbian’s brain). The moment I saw this my jaw dropped to the ground and my eyes gleamed with pleasure of the guilty sin kind. Ofcourse I want to go there. But ‘there’ is Washington state, USA – the spots are nearby Seattle, that Mecca for coffee drinkers & lovers.

What I am talking about is Cowgirl Espresso, a coffee drive in with skimpily clad female baristas, who give flirty services to the customers! Their words not mine. And oh what an array of ladies in lacy things and bikinis and oh such other naughty nice things! I want to emigrate to Seattle right now! The very thought is enough to make any tea drinker burn all tea estates and pledge his allegiance to the coffee bean. Take a look at four of those ambassadors of all things espresso. Then check their website www.cowgirlespresso.comYou will notice a lack of pictures of the coffee but lots of the girls. But Ofcourse!