Friday Sandwich, Coffee & A Couple Of Trees Pic

Friday afternoon sandwich photos for 23, March, 2012 from Coffee Beanz

Here’s my coffee. Cold one, a choco crunch. Nice, filling & delicious.

Now for the sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich. Could have been done better but still good. Oh and they gave lots more chips with it, I just took the pic a little later. And they also had 4 slices of cucumbers with the plate.

I really wish that they would change the plate in Coffee Beanz. They look old & drab.

Oh and here is a pic taken from one of the windows of my bedroom. The big coconut trees are awesome aren’t they?

Coffee Drinker, How Many Do You Have In A Day?

I guess you could say that I am fueled by coffee. I think I started drinking coffee at the age of 13 or 14. I tried tea for a while but I just never liked the taste that much and to this day I prefer black tea to tea with milk. So coffee it was and has been to this day. I usually drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. That is if it’s in my big cup. If in smaller paper cups then it can be 5 or 6. I remember that I had once had 7 big full cups of coffee in day – by night I was so wired and strung tight, like a violin, that I couldn’t sleep at all!

So yeah, waking up is just a rubbing my eyes, going into the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth – all the things that are necessary hurdles before that first cup of coffee. I get that in my favourite big black cup and come to my room, fire up the laptop and sit in my chair. I place the cup on the desk, wait till I log into my email and take that first sip – ahh! That’s life force surging through me. It’s like a suffocating person being able to breath pure oxygen once again.

My first cup is always with milk. Later in the morning I will get a second cup, which will be stronger, sweeter and black. That’s the one that decides how energetic I will be for the rest of the day. This one is usually drunk a lot slower. In the evening I have two cups; once again the first one will be with milk and the second black. The second one is usually after 7pm and that’s also the usual time that I do the majority of my blogging and I need the extra fuel. 4 cups is enough. I don’t think I need more than that but I do need that first one in the morning to properly wake me up.

Saturday Spent Outside

There was a couple of things I wanted to do today. And both had a clash in timings. Damn if I couldn’t change the timings for both! It would mean shifting the venue of one meeting and meeting the other person post lunch. Or whatever! I decided to just roll with it and see what happens.

I arranged for a friend to meet me at Cafe Coffee Day for a quick bite in between as I had some free time. I felt hungry as it was almost 1pm by then. We went in and sat at my favourite corner table. Before we could order, he got a call from home asking him to rush back as his uncle was ill, so I was on my own. I thought, no problem, I shall sit by myself and enjoy an hour of relaxing. I ordered a sandwich and a cold coffee and went to my table, waiting until they served me.

As you can see, Cafe Coffee Day seems to have run out of proper plates and served me my sandwich in a paper plate. How far down the social ladder have I fallen? Kidding! In terms of serving aesthetics the red serving tray more than made up for the looks or lack therefore of my paper plate. It’s blood red and looked much more sexy than the photo here.

My coffee was a cold Mochachillo with more ice than coffee it seems. Funny thing is this drink seems to have some milk added separate to the coffee. And the first sips are always great – as you wind towards the middle it gets a bit watery and yucky, no matter how much you stir & mix the drink. Oh well! Atleast it was cold and refreshing against the hot sun.

My sandwich, as seen here, was another thing altogether. In a class of it’s own, it’s the corn & spinach sandwich with lots of cheese. And it was piping hot, melting cheese just bursting in my mouth as I took a bite – yummy! I love this sandwich and it is consistently awesome the way CCD makes it, although not always this hot & fresh. I was sad when I was done and wanted more but I was to join my good friend Anil Alapatt for beer and snacks later so it would not be good to fill up.

Later that afternoon Anil & I met at the Volga bar & restaurant in Kadavanthara. The sun was blazing hot by then and we were both glad to sit in the cool air conditioned bar. We had a Kingfisher beer each, in these new cute looking tumblers from Royal Challenge. We ordered garlic prawns, dry chilli fish & chicken fry and sat for 2 hours talking about stuff. We tried calling up Madhu (now in Qatar) but he was at the bank and suffering spotty cell service, so we said we’d call him later. Anil & I chatted about the good memories and things coming up ahead until it was time for him to head on towards Thrissur. I went for a brief walk and then came back home.

Weekend Visit To A Cafe

Very nice & refreshing Coffee Dream from Fort Cafe. Thick coffee frappe with a vanilla ice cream scoop for good measure. It was relief from the hot sun.

Sadly I could not say that this was a good sandwich. It’s a tuna fish roll from Fort Cafe and although I’ve loved everything else that I have ever had in this cafe, this was a huge disappointment. I’ve been craving tuna for a couple of weeks now and I asked if they a grilled tuna sandwich. They instead had a tuna fish roll – the bread was good but it’s what was inside that was a disappointment. All I could taste was lots & lots of chopped onions that was liberally splashed with a kind of mayo and a hint of tuna taste. All that crunching of onions put me in a foul mood.

Places To Chill Out & Relax

I’m sure you have your own places to relax in and I have mine. Last Friday I spent almost all of the day outside and found time for a late brunch as I was feeling peckish and thirsty. At around 11 am I stepped into Fort Cafe, which is on the first floor of a rather small shopping mall on Convent Junction. They are open from 10am-10pm but it seems that they have more of a noon/lunch time rush leading onto the rest of the day, cause I was the only customer there when I stepped in at 11am and their first customer. The staff there weren’t all in the usual uniforms so I guess I’m correct when I say that I guess their business usually takes off at around noon.

I took my usual seat whenever I go there, which is once a month or so, and I took out a book to read as I relaxed there. I ordered one of my favourite sandwiches, a Mozzarella & chicken sandwich and a cold coffee chocolate. 15 minutes later I was deeply engrossed in the book and sipping my coffee and 10 minutes after that the sandwich arrived. It was almost noon when the next customer came in and 2 minutes later a couple of families took up a large table at one end. By the time I left the place was almost full.


Later in the day after the rest of my errands were done, I decided that I didn’t want a big lunch but what I wanted was beer. Iced cold beer and thought of hitting the Couchyn Bar next to the Grand hotel. So I got out of the hot sun and went in and sat at the very table that I have sat all 6 times that I been in there before. Being an elitist bar that wishes to keep out the riff raff and also serves foreign liquor that costs you ridiculous amounts for a couple of pegs, I always stick to the beer. However if you want Carlsberg or Tuborg, it is still pricier than most Indian made beer.  I ordered a Carlsberg and barbecued sausages. This is a great place to sit quietly and relax even if the food & drinks are much more expensive.  After the 650ml beer was done I wanted just another mug of beer so I asked them for a 330 ml bottle but they didn’t Carlsberg in that sizes so I opted for a Kingfisher Gold. The taste differences between these two beers is ever so much more obvious when you drink them one after the other.


Overall a very relaxing time in between errands and I enjoyed myself. A little walk later I was back at home and ready for a nap.

Starbucks To Set Up 50 Cafes In India

After hearing of many promises since 2007-08 of the coffee giants Starbucks finally coming to India, looks like the wait is almost over. Last evening I first heard the news, from a Canadian on a 1 year work project in India, via Twitter when she sent me the link to a NYTimes article. After the government loosened rules about how single brand companies can invest here, the Seattle based Starbucks has entered into a 50:50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages for starting retail operations in the country, a year after it inked a coffee sourcing agreement with Tata Coffee Ltd.

The retail venture, Tata Starbucks Ltd, will own and operate Starbucks cafes, which would be branded as Starbucks Coffee — A Tata Alliance. The two companies are investing Rs400 crore in the venture, which will function as a separate entity and have three directors from each company. Starbucks’ decision to go with a partner comes despite the fact that the government recently allowed 100% foreign direct investment in retail. For 2012, Starbucks has an outlook of opening 300 stores in China and the rest of Asia-Pacific. India will see 50 Starbucks outlets by end-2012, with the first outlet coming up in August or September, in Delhi or Mumbai.

For the record, the largest coffee chain in India, Cafe Coffee Day, currently has 1,200 outlets and will be 2,000 outlets strong by 2014. Other prominent chains, Lavazza Barista and UK’s Costa Coffee run 200 and 80 stores, respectively. This year will also mark the entry of US-based cafe chain Dunkin Donuts in India.

Saturday Post

Hey what’s going on good people? Keep on Rocking and I hope you have a great weekend. Everyone should have a 2 day weekend but unfortunately in this developing nation of ours, we have 6 day work weeks for most jobs. I’m not really that used to it as for the best part of the last 2 years I’ve had atleast 2 Saturdays off in a month and for almost 3 years in a previous job I’ve had 2 day weekends (maybe not always Saturdays & Sundays due to rotating work shifts). This current job is tiring in the fact that I have a longer distance to commute and I have 6 day work weeks.

I plan to go out this Sunday and enjoy myself with some drinks. Meanwhile here are some pics. Over the last few days we had a cable fault in the office which meant no internet for us for 3 straight days. It was only fixed last evening but due to the fact that I had recently bought a USB internet device from Reliance, I was able to use my laptop and check mails and even play around on facebook. Here is my faithful laptop which I placed on a different cabinet. That’s the USB dongle hanging out on the left side of the picture.

Working Saturdays in this Infopark in Thrissur also has a downside. The main cafeteria does not open on Saturdays, mainly due to the fact that there are less people working on this day of the week. Plus, when I asked them they told me that the kitchen has not be completed and hence they are bringing in food from the main branch of the Infopark, which is all the way over in Kakkanad. They have assured us that they will begin 24/7 services from the 1st week of August. That will be good as we also work night shifts in our company. I myself will be moving back to night shifts in a few days.

So what do we do for lunch on Saturdays? Well the little town that the Infopark is located in has very little in terms of being able to eat out, so the Infopark has a smaller independently run canteen within the premises. Saturday is a lean day for them too however and they only stock snacks and biscuits. For lunch today me and my tech in charge ate the following; one omelet and a cup of noodles. The noodles does not taste that good at all and the masala seems to be attracted to the bottom of the cup. They do make a nice omelet though and we were grateful for the food. He also had a cup of tea while I chose a lemonade.

The only problem was within 4 hours I was feeling hungry again. On my way back home, I stopped at Cafe Coffee Day for some food. I had a Devil’s Own – a frappe with rich cream on top – and a grilled chicken tikka sandwich. I love the crunch and taste of grilled sandwiches and chicken tikka sandwiches are the bomb! I ate my sandwich, listened to some tunes in the cafe and chilled there for an hour. Then it was back home.

Some Down Time, Some Me Time

Night shifts are a drag. Making me feel like a vampire, if vampire could stand to be around till 7am. It means no evening outings and hardly any social life. I’ve missed a couple of events due to my new work shift and had to be at the office while family & friends partied hard. On the days that I work I am too tired to do anything else as sleep is patch at best and it leaves me feeling tired all day, with a stiff back, puffy eyes and a lazy feeling.

So I do not feel like going out. Ofcourse because I reach back to my area at around 8am, I can’t go for an after work beer or even a coffeeshop – well the coffeeshop is a possibility but not the beers or drinks. But even if I could go out in the morning hours after work, the same as I could if it was in the evening, I can’t expect to have my friends along with me. If I were to go out I have to do it alone. Well thats ok. So I did, before heading to the bus stop and catching a bus to the office, I went to Cafe Coffee Day in Shenoy’s junction and relaxed for about 45 minutes.

I had a sandwich and a nice big cold frappe and chilled out in the cafe and doing some people watching. Ok, alright! I was ogling some pretty girls the whole time I was there. Then I went to the bus stand and waited for my bus to take me to Thrissur Infopark. Tomorrow I want to go shopping for some shirts as well. I need new threads.

Coffee vs. Tea

I prefer coffee a whole lot more. It’s only in recent years, ok maybe the last 2, that I’ve started drinking tea here and there. I prefer black tea for when its hot. I also drank a few Hibiscus Genko tea which tasted really sweet and was quite fragrant. At this one cafe, which is now closed down, I used to enjoy Raspberry Tea, Lemon & Honey tea, served cold and delicious. I was particularly fond of Raspberry flavoured iced tea.

Coffee is ofcourse my favrouite drink, hot or cold. I’m addicted to it. I like all kinds of coffee – espresso, capuccino, lattes, mochas, frappes, ice coffees, macchiatos and all kinds of ice cold creamy goodness. When I go out I usually drink it cold as I can always get hot coffee at home. But to beat the heat, a cold coffee does the trick all the time. Unless I am slightly under the weather, in which case a nice hot Irish Coffee will do just fine.

Coffee wins 8 points to 2!

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Bru – Coffee For Me

Which is the most popular coffee brand in the world? To most people’s minds, the answer popping up automatically could be Nescafe. Many years ago, when I first started drinking coffee regularly, Nescafe was a staple at my house. Around the early 90s or so we switched to the Indian brand Bru and I pretty much prefer it. Bru is instant coffee and it’s a fine powder and over the years I guess I have just gotten used to the taste. I drink coffee with sugar & milk (not cream) but usually if I’m making it, I drink black with sugar. That’s mostly because I’ m too lazy to boil milk or heat it up if it’s cold from the fridge.

We recently bought some Nescafe as Bru wasn’t available and although it has a nice aroma, I just can’t get used to the taste. Also I just can’t seem to make a good cup of coffee with it. I can’t seem to get the measurement of how much coffee powder to use for my cup. In the case of Bru, I could do it in my sleep but with Nescafe I just can’t  get it right. I either put too much and the coffee is too strong & bitter and I have to either add milk or more sugar or it’s too light and I have to add more coffee powder. It’s just too hard. And on the rare occasions when I do get it right, it’s like a huge achievement – comparable to climbing Mt. Everest! I fist pump the air, give a hi-5 to anyone who happens to be nearby and shout “hallelujah!”

So I’m gonna stick with Bru? What’s your favourite brand of coffee?

Emile Gets Called To Sit

I was meeting a former colleague for coffee at one of the coffeeshops in the city this evening after work. I hadn’t met this friend for a while but we had kept in touch and spoken to each other a lot over the last couple of years. So I said that I would be there around 8:30pm and headed for the venue after work. I arrived there first and ordered a crunchy, cold coffee and waited for my friend to reach.

Around the same time that I entered the coffeeshop, 3 girls and a guy had also stopped by to have a bite to eat and drink some cold drinks. I know exactly what they ordered and how much they enjoyed the food – not because I was  nosy! It’s because they were so fucking loud! And irritatingly so. My friend arrived and we both couldn’t at times keep a quite conversation going because of these 4. They were young, around early 20s or even 19 I guess. By their accents the 3 girls were American – two of them were of Indian origin and 1 was a Caucasian. The boy was almost certainly raised in India. And trying desperately to show off!

My friend and I know how much those 4 fought over the menu and that they changed their minds a couple of times after the orders were taken down. They made a lot of noise taking photos standing in different combination. I just wanted them to go away. Their food came and they ate. And they reordered and then ate again. My friend and I sipped out coffees without talking much. We would be drowned out by their yakking anyways, so why bother? And then….

The time came for them to pay their bill. So our boy here, his name is Emile, wanted to pay the entire amount and made an effort to showcase this fact. The noisy girls wanted to pay their own way or share in the bill and they kept telling ‘Emile’ not to pay the full amount. One of the girls went over to where he was standing with the waiter and telling him that she & the other girls would pay as well. Another girl kept saying ‘Emile, we are feminists!” as a way of explanation, announcing it to the entire cafe to emphasize the point! And they kept saying ‘Emile sit down’!

And this point my friend and I had had enough. So we chimed in loudly ‘Yes Emile please sit down!’. The kids were not expecting this and got a little flustered. Emile in particular. They could not wait to pay the bill and scamper away from the cafe. They were followed by giggling from the people sitting at two other tables and finally my friend and I could drink some coffee & relax and actually have a conversation where both of us could hear each other.

Out On The Town

Today I just wanted to have some fun by going out and enjoying myself. I woke up around 8am and leisurely watched 2 episodes of  Star Trek : Enterprise while lounging on my bed. That done, I went to get some coffee and did various stuff on my laptop – answering emails from friends and from work and fielding some calls from work. I arranged to meet with my cousin Sujith in Convent Junction.

After purchasing some medicine and stuff I made my way to Convent Junction and waited out side the medium sized mall over there and waited for Sujith to reach. While he was on his way, I had to attend a conference call from work – I was put into the call without even checking if I was able to attend one. Just like that! Standing outside in the hot sun and answering a few questions was not my idea of enjoying a day off. Anyway the call got over quickly and Sujith reached as I was saying my goodbyes. We walked around a bit and then went into Fort Cafe. If you remember Fort Cafe is this cool cafe I had first visited with Sujith back in October.

Well this time we chose one of the low tables with lounge type sofas and ordered the same cheese beef burgers that we had last time. We had some cold coffees along with them and yakked like two women do after a long shopping session. We spent a long time there and then decided to go window shopping. In particular I wanted to check out Penta Menaka and see what the prices for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 & 9780 were as I knew that Vodafone had slashed its rates. I could take a phone from them but then the phone would be network locked and I didn’t want to be tied down to one network, especially with MNP and the good offers that Airtel and Reliance were tempting me with to join their networks.

We went to a few stores and checked out their rates, Rs.25,000 seems to the standard rates at the moment but I can get one from Vodafone at Rs.20,212. Hmmm gonna have to wait a few days and see. Also I can get one for around Rs.20k from ebay India, so I’ll take my time before I purchase one. Also awesome to see the Samsung Galaxy tab up close and personal. It costs Rs.27k and although I am not planning on buying it, it sure is an awesome device. Anyways, we were hot & sweaty a little later so we decided to stop at Velocity and spend a few hours there.

Lounging at Velocity is one of my favourite pass times and if I have someone to talk to, all the better. I stuck to a beer – Tuborg beer and it is a great tasting beer at that. I loved it but wasn’t in the mood to have more. We enjoyed a few snacks as we talked a lot and sat back and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Sujith wasn’t drinking as he was still under medication and hence only drank pepsi. By 5pm we left the bar and left for our respective homes.

An Afternoon @ Couchin

Today Sujith & I decided to go out and have some fun. But before I went anywhere else first, I needed a haircut. My hair, although balding on the top of my head was still long and as it gets unruly very quickly and blows all over my face in the wind, I needed to get it cut. So after a nice long cold shower (no heater for me), I changed and went to Mama Mia hair cutting saloon. Getting my hair cut always reminds me of how much I am balding. There’s hair missing just above the forehead as my hairline is receding and there’s a bald spot on top of my head. I fear the day that the twain shall meet! Sigh, balding blows but other than a hair transplant or a wig there’s nothing much I can do about it. Genetics has not been kind to me. Fuck!

After that I went over to Convent Junction and waited for a while as Sujith was still on his way to town. I decided to go into Archies and get a present for my sister’s kids. I browsed through all the selections and finally bought a board game called ‘Life’ for the kids. I got that packed and then went into Coffee Cube. Sujith joined me in 10 minutes and we got Caramel Frappes and talked about where we should go for drinks and lunch. Couchin was the popular choice – of the both of us – especially as neither of us have ever been there. So, into an auto we went and we ended up at the Grand Hotel (“it was empty and cold and bare but with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside…” ) They have this nice pub in their building called ‘Couchin’ – get it? It’s a play on the words couch and Cochin. Nice.

The place is very dark and sleek looking with some big comfy couches, sofas and low tables, bar stools at the counter and some smaller tables on one section. We took a table and checked out the menu. Everything is priced way above what it should be! Fucking expensive place and the waiters have a snobbish attitude. We decided to stick to beer as everything else was ridiculously costly and ordered two Kingfishers each and a plate of chicken wings which was very good. Then we also had the barbecued sausages, which were dipped in barbecue sauce and tasted amazingly great!


The place is amazingly decorated and even the bathrooms are so sexy & sleek looking. I thought they did a swell job of decorating the place. A few lighted indoor water fountains, with alternating red, blue and green lights would look so cool in there and maybe I should tell them that the next time I visit. Couple of big screen tvs are also hooked up with cable access.

We were hungry but the place only serves snacks so after more than 2 hours & 2 beers later we went to Chinese Garden and had lunch which didn’t taste as good as the food at Couchin. Will I go to Couchin again? Yes I would but it wouldn’t be to have a meal just drinks and some eats and its better to go with a couple of friends atleast. It’s not a place to sit by yourself and drink. Nice ambience, nice furniture, good food but their service is slow and their waiters rude and the wares and too fucking expensive. Over-priced is more accurate a description. Till next time!

Good Food & Drinks This Afternoon

It had been 2 weeks since I went out for drinks and food. Last weekend I had opted to have a very quite two days in, ordering in pizza on Sunday afternoon. Although that was pleasant enough, watching videos from my bed, today was a beautiful day and it’s always good to try to take advantage of some sunshine after the last few days of pouring rain. My cousin Sujith wanted to go out as well as he was bored sitting alone at home. So this morning when he asked if I wanted to go out for some grub I said that I would join him.

Morning coffee, shower & shampoo done I got ready to head out. I went to the ATM near my apartment and once stocked up with some cash, I took an auto to Convent Junction. Both Sujith & I really wanted to check out Fort Cafe and finally I got the directions to the mall that houses this cafe. I told Sujith that I would wait for him while he traveled all the way from Thriupunithura. While waiting on the dirty & broken road side, I snapped this photo. I think it looks cool like the surface of an alien road. Sadly it’s the state of the road leading from Convent Junction towards Fort Cafe.

I had to wait for about 25 minutes but was surprised to suddenly see my cousin Shalini come out of the same building. She was shopping there and was equally surprised to see me. I hadn’t seen her in a little over a year and a half. While we stood there chatting Sujith joined us and I introduced the two to each other. You see, Shalini is my first cousin, my mom’s brother’s daughter, and I’ve seen her for most of her life. My old house was two houses away from hers in Thrikkakara. Sujith is a second cousin who I got to know online from around 2007 and only met face to face January of this year. And he hadn’t met Shalini or most of my other 1st cousins yet. Anyways, she had to leave and so off she went and Sujith & I went into the building and found Fort Cafe.

Fort Cafe looks a lot bigger in the Cochin communities blog photos that I had first seen a couple of month’s back. It wasn’t that big and I’m sure that their customer’s will find it difficult to get a table there. The decor is great and the tables/chairs are fantastic and the counter/coffee bar area looks great. We were lucky to get a table that was just being cleared as the people sitting there just got up to leave. Lots of chicks sitting around post shopping ad yakking their heads off. We both ordered beef cheese burgers and butterscotch flavoured cold coffees. After a reasonable amount of time, the waiter brought out our tall glasses of the frothy coffee and a couple of minutes later the burgers arrived, beautifully decorated with fried potato chip wedges and some coleslaw and tomato slices.

The burgers looked awesome, although a bit small to be big enough for a full meal. But they tasted fantastic; you could get the real taste of meat (unlike the generic minced stuff that the other places serve I could actually get a beef taste & texture) and it was great. So full marks for the decors, furniture, food & coffee Fort Cafe. We will come in often. We sat back and chatted as we sipped the coffee and the burgers went in quite quickly. Oh I do have one complaint about the place, albeit a minor one. A bunch of people came in and ordered sizzler steaks – the smoke that came out while they were being server made the rest of us cough and the staff had to open the doors to let the smoke out. Also as soon as the doors open we would get a blast of hot air from outside – made it difficult to sit neat the entrance.

Well that done, we paid our bills and went to check out a small shop that sold dvds & music cds. Nothing special but I did buy a copy of the Sci-fi movie Splice. After that we moved on to Velocity for some beer. We had a Foster’s beer each and then since those were the last ones they had of that brand, we moved on to Kingfisher Gold Premiums. We had some fish & squid over there and enjoyed the late afternoon in the bar. It was after 5pm when we left the bar and headed back to our respective home.

For me it was a snooze and then watching Arsenal host Birmingham City at the Emirates.

Cafe De La Rosh

One of my wishes, if I had wishes from a fairy godmother or if I had the money to invest, is to start my own coffeeshop. I just so love the cafe culture and spending hours in a quite coffeeshop with a good book to read or a laptop and some good coffee is a favourite pass time of mine as well as so many others.  The smells of coffee being made with various flavours and in various styles are some of the most pleasant things in this world.

All this coffee drinking needs a good setting, with good wooden tables and chairs. Some comfy couches in a couple of areas will also be great. The chairs will be so comfortable that once you seat yourself in them you will not want to get up for a few hours and will order 2 or 3 cups of coffee – cause they are so good! I’d have knowledgeable & talented baristas who make many, many different varieties of coffee – espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, cafe late, cafe au lait, mocha cafe, mocah latte, macchiato, iced latte, frappes, etc. Oh the taste will knock your socks off and leave you craving for more.

Along with the coffees, I will also serve you flavoured teas – raspberry, lemon, honey, herbal – both hot & cold. And delicious hot sandwiches, muffins, hod dogs, cookies, donuts, meat rolls & patties as well as cakes & tarts. And if you don’t have a book to read, I would provide you with magazines, newspapers and some novels – fiction & non-fiction. You can also buy books from my shop as well as decorative coffee cups. And to keep you just in the right mood – I’d have some music playing! Flamenco, rhumba from; Spanish guitar melodies & rhythms to fuel your soul. More acoustic finger style guitar music, some piano & jazz music. You’d never want to leave.

Time 2 Switch 2 Vodka After Drinking Coffee All Week

It was a bright, sunny & beautiful day and I felt that it was a waste to stay indoors the entire time and waste it. Especially since I had stayed home all Saturday and spent most of it in bed – just lying about watching videos and reading. I wasn’t so sure that I would go out as I didn’t sleep well and woke up by 5 am and then drifted in and out of sleep occasionally getting up to answer my phone. I thought that I might be too tired to go out in the afternoon but turns out that I wasn’t.

I took a shower and got ready to go out. On the way back from the ATM near my apartment, I noticed that it was a beautiful blue sky with big clouds and I just had to stop and take a pic. Sorry that my camera is just a 2 mega pixel thing but I love the pic. It’s now used as the wallpaper for my BlackBerry.

A bright sunny day like this deserves some good coffee and so I headed over to Shenoy’s Junction and went into Cafe Coffee Day. I noticed that they had a huge jumbo pedestal fan over there and they should have used it as the place was warm. Apparently the air-conditioner was down and I sweated a bit as I settled at a table. However about 20 minutes later the ac kicked in and things were much better. I later changed my seats to one of the big sofas, as soon as one became free but I discovered that they aren’t very comfortable at all. I sat there for a while and read a few chapters of a book.

My coffee, a new one that I was trying, is one of the new wares that CCD have in their new menu. I wanted to try out the All day refresher which is thick coffee milkshake, whipped cream and what looked like powdered cookies. It tasted ok but I wish it was a lot more colder. Anyway I did like it and sipped it as I read my book. 90 minutes there and then I headed over to Planet M and checked out the cds, dvds & movies over there. I browsed the titles and decided to buy The Wolfman & Clash Of The Titans (2010 version). I also checked out their selection of cell phones for sale. Despite the price of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 going down it’s still too expensive for me at this point in time. Maybe next month or so.

Then it was on to the second hand books store in the same building. I spent about 40 minutes there checking out the various titles and fending off the dust bunnies that seem to be lurking in every shelf. My choice was the 2009 Dan Brown novel The Lost Symbol, another in the series featuring Robert Langdon. Then I took an auto and went to Velocity bar.

I enjoyed 4 MGM Apple Kizz vodkas with 7up and lots of ice. To eat I had some tiny fish fry (kozhuva for us localites) and then some kada (quail) fry which was oh so good. Dipped those birds in sauce and bit into them. Yummy in my tummy! I watched some Hindi songs remix videos which all features these women gyrating and bouncing about. Funny thing is all these videos start looking the same, especially after a couple of drinks. Babe in short dress is late, her boyfriend is upset and decided that he is not going to propose to her (the ring that he hides from her is slipped into his pocket as a sign to us that he is not sure about her). So babe is left with only one option – slip out of her short dress into a much more shorted one and dance along with her suitably attired friends. By the time she has bounced her assets, the guy is reconsidering his decision and by the end of the video, her friends point out that he has brought out some puppies in a basket, flowers or some other objects that show affection and he slips the ring on her finger right at the end. Man, are these concepts lame or what!

By 4 pm I was back home and lying on my bed watching Clash Of The Titans. A review will follow.

Coffee, Drinks & Lunch With Sujith

My cousin Sujith & I decided to meet today for some coffee and then drinks with lunch. So he met me at Lens & Frames as I was ordering my new frames and ….er….lenses and we then moved to Convent Junction. There’s a new coffee shop called Coffee Cube (to which I have been once but didn’t try anything) and although we were both looking  forward to trying out another placed called Fort Cafe, we just couldn’t find it. Since no one at Convent Junction knew where the latter was, we decided that Coffee Cube it was. It’s not too big although the shop looks more cramped due to the layout of their furniture – huge sofas settees placed in the middle and towards one wall leaves very little place to move about and you end up feeling very cramped. Still their coffees seem to be very good. Sujo  had a Butterscotch Frappe and I had a Choco chip Frappe. He also had a chocolate donut while I bought some french fries.

I must tell you that Convent Junction is THE place to do some serious bird watching. And them birds were out in full force. Birds on the right, birds behind me, birds to the front. Birds coming in to the cafe and walking all around the road below where I was sitting. But surprising enough a simple yet elegant and pretty girl sitting right next to us was the one that stood out. Isn’t it always like that – make up and tight jeans and fancy attire can only go so far!

We spend a long time there and then went on to Velocity for lunch. We had vodka & 7up with koondhal (squid) fry, beef, then butter chicken with fried rice (for him) and noodles (for me). We had three rounds each by which we were both were feeling sleepy and so we parted ways and I came back home to watch Star Trek episodes.

Tomorrow is all rest & relaxation at home with some reading.