Battlestar Galactica Models

Battlestar Galactica is in my top 5 list of Favourite Science Fiction series & franchises. It’s either my 3rd of 4th fav but the first scifi franchise that I ever watched and hence it’s my biggest sentimental favourite. A big part of my childhood, they showed it on tv when I was 4 years old (I’m not sure if it was a rerun or the very first time that they showed it on Kuwaiti Tv) and then on and off in reruns for a couple of years. I had a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 recorded on VHS tapes and my cousins from the UK also had some.

Many, many years later the original film was the very first DVD I ever bought, sometime in 2003, and I still have it here somewhere though I have still bought another better copy. And then ofcourse they rebooted the show in 2003 with the miniseries and the 2004-2009 series as well. I only watched the show for the first time back in 2011 and although I do agree that the newer version is well acted and is an awesome show, the original is still a big deal for me and I prefer that storyline.

Just somethings about the story and plot sticks with me a lot and several times during the week I find myself mentally revisiting the show. So it’s only natural that I should try and get some Battlestar Galactica models or kits and even some action figures. I have looked at getting some for quite a while now and my usual purchases since last year when I started buying scifi models and ships online have been restricted to Star Trek. But I have checked options for BSG and others and been eyeing several items from eBay and Amazon sellers.

Mostly I wanted the ships – the old & new Cylon Raiders, the Galactica herself and a few Cylon models. I have finally bought my first BSG related model, it’s the Cylon action figure you seen on the top left over there. This will reach me in a few days. Sometime next month I am looking at getting the old and new Cylon Raiders as well from Habro. They are smaller than Eaglemoss’s Star Trek collection but they look good and are mostly diecast.



Awesome Day In Lulu Mall

I had a nice visit to Lulu again today. I have made up my mind; the best time to go to Lulu is during the morning and afternoon on a weekday. Never again on a weekend or a holiday. Especially if I want to go food shopping at the Lulu Hypermart, which is difficult to do. I love to go to Lulu Hypermart and planned to do it today after taking a leave from work. Going there on a Saturday or Sunday evening is a no-no for me. I hate crowds, especially gangs of women with screaming kids. If you know any couple who are thinking of having children, take them to Lulu Hypermart during the busy hours – they will change their mind.

Last time I went in there were two ladies next to me with 4 carts, hardly 5 to 6 items (of which one was onnaka chemmeen) and 4 screaming terrorists inside the carts! Crying because someone did not give them what they wanted! Plus this small little fella who grabbed my shoe and tried to climb up using my pants!


Main agenda #1 – go to the newly opened Burger King on the 3rd floor of Lulu Mall (which I shall review in another post). After that late breakfast / lunch or brunch, it was in for a movie – I watched The Legend of Tarzan in 3D. While I watched the movie, I had a medium Pepsi and a small popcorn, caramel flavoured! Hmmm it is so delicious but a little too sweet. Very light too, the cheese flavoured popcorn at Cinepolis feels heavy but this one is so light. But yeah a bit too sweet. Made my Pepsi taste a little less sweet.


The movie done, I went to the Hypermart and marveled at the huge collection of food, fruits, pre-cooked, wrapped, canned food, drinks, snacks, candy and what not! It is an enormous store and I love it. Love the fruit & sweet sections at Lulu’s Hypermart. I ended up buying some apples, mangoes, dates from the fruit section, big bell peppers, baby carrots (didn’t know carrots are born as babies), mushrooms, a french baguette, some large garlic cheese bread and kubhoos among other stuff. Great haul.

I ended the visit with a quick ice cream. Finally got me some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, another new outlet that opened a few weeks back. I opted for the Coffee Lovers only small in a waffle bowl. It is really good but expensive too. Also they need a bigger place; minimal seating and a family were hogging two tables even though they were done. I stood and had mine but couldn’t finish the waffle bowl once the ice cream was done. Lesson learned – break the cone and sprinkle it on the ice cream. 9.5 outta 10 for taste but at that price….. perhaps a 7!